The Return of the International Tournament of Gilding Fishing (Festival in Argentina)

International tournament of Gilding Fishing

The Return of the International Tournament of Gilding Fishing

Every year in September the Island of the Cerrito is the venue for the international fishing tournament, bringing together participants from all over the country and from overseas, making this the most important event in the northeast of Argentina.

This is the first town in Argentina to introduce a ‘catch and release’ competition as a way to encourage conservation of the fish species.

The island of Cerrito has a 57km stretch where the rivers Paraguay and Paraná converge, offering excellent conditions for the fishing tournament where varieties such as the ‘manguruyú’, the ‘surubí’, the ‘moncholo’, the ‘patí’ and others can be found.

The act of catching a Dorado is an unforgettable experience, it is a tough fight and the species always lives up to its well earned nickname of ‘river tiger’. It requires all the skill, ability and passion of those who love this sport.

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