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Learn Spanish in the Pampas, Argentina

Aprender Espanhol nos Pampas, Argentina

Study Spanish in the heart of gaucho culture - the Argentine countryside of the Pampas!

When you choose to study Spanish in the Argentine Pampas, you will stay on an estancia while learning Spanish. Estancias are ranches in which the main residence - generally mansions built last century - has been converted to receive guests. The AMAUTA estancia sits approximately 85 kilometers from Buenos Aires and maintains the attraction of the colonial style with an austere and refined elegance. Our Spanish students will enjoy an exquisite gastronomy based on world-renown Argentine meats and famous wines. All meals and some small snacks are included in this program, as well as all Spanish classes, accommodation, transportation and daily activities. AMAUTA teachers from Buenos Aires go with the group, therefore guaranteeing our high level of Spanish instruction. During their free time, students are welcome to use the sports facilities, horses, and game room, which includes a pool table, table tennis, darts, and others. Daily activities include horseback riding, visit to San Antonio de Areco, interactive cooking classes, hikes in the surroundings of the estancia and more. A really unique setting to learn Spanish and to combine with your Spanish classes in Buenos Aires.

AMAUTA Recommends
Past students that participated in our Spanish in the Pampas program have spoken so highly of this location that we strongly recommend all students enroll for a week of Spanish study on an estancia. The additional cost is well worth the experience of being immersed in local Argentina culture in the beautiful Pampas countryside. It is a perfect opportunity to not only learn Spanish, but to also learn something extra about Argentina, to combine excursions and hikes with the Spanish program, and to enjoy the tranquility and the intimacy of traditional Argentine life. It is a nice change from studying Spanish in bustling Buenos Aires.

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