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Learn Spanish in the Pampas, Argentina

Aprender Espanhol nos Pampas, Argentina

Study Spanish in the heart of gaucho culture - the Argentine countryside of the Pampas!

When you choose to study Spanish in the Argentine Pampas, you will stay with an Argentinean host family, located in the Buenos Aires Province, at about 300 km away from Buenos Aires City. All host families love to show the students everything about the life in the Argentinean countryside. You will be able to practice your Spanish with the family members, and will also experience Argentine customs and of course the delicious Argentine gastronomy. At school, about 20 minutes away from your homestay, you will take Spanish classes in small groups, ensuring a comfortable and cozy environment. After lunch, you will participate in the rural activity program, a valuable add-on for your complete immersion experience in the Argentinean countryside. The program includes visits to a dairy farm, a cheese factory, and even a polo horse ranch. You will get a unique insight in life at a local Argentinean farm business and help out with sowing and harvesting crops, feeding livestock, milking cows and mustering cattle. An amazing setting to learn Spanish and to truly get to know the life on an Argentinean ranch!.

AMAUTA Recommends
Past students who participated in our Spanish in the Pampas program have spoken so highly of this location that we strongly recommend all students enroll for a week of Spanish study in the Pampas. It is a nice change from studying Spanish in bustling Buenos Aires, and a wonderful experience to be immersed in local Argentina culture in the beautiful Argentinean countryside. You will not only study Spanish, but also learn something extra about Argentina, combine your Spanish program with rural activities, and enjoy the tranquility and the intimacy of traditional Argentine life.

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