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Travel Information of Argentina


No visa is required for people from most countries (check with the Argentine Embassy in your home country). The tourist visa will allow you to stay for 90 days in Argentina and you are allowed one extension of 90 days which can be aplied for at the Immigrations Office in Buenos Aires. This extension will cost you 100 pesos approximately. You could also consider crossing the border (to Uruguay or Brazil), where you will be guaranteed another 90 days upon re-entry.

What to Bring

  • Dictionary
  • Spanish grammar book in your own language
  • Email addresses
  • A guidebook
  • Novels
  • A small gift for the guest family
  • Clothes for both warm and cold weather
  • A raincoat
  • Walking shoes/hiking boots
  • Sleeping bag (although these can be rented as well).


Argentina - Ezeiza AirportEzeiza International Airport

Jetlag is caused by a disruption to your "body clock" - a small cluster of brain cells that controls the timing of biological functions (circadian rhythms), including when you eat and sleep. The body clock is designed for a regular rhythm of daylight and darkness, so that it is thrown out of "sync" when it experiences daylight and darkness at the "wrong" times in a new time zone. The symptoms of Jetlag often persist for days while the internal body clock slowly adjusts to the new time zone.

Abstaining from alcoholic beverages while on board (and drinking lots of water instead) is both a physical and a mental remedy--it helps to offset dehydration and promotes mental clarity. There is no quick fix to alleviate all the symptoms of jetlag. There is no single pill or remedy for all these symptoms. Even being in a room with windows helps to enlighten our body clocks. it is also important, you adjust your bedtime to the new, local timetable as soon as possible. Along with this, try doing what the locals do: their food preferences, meal times, recreational activities, and even the way they dress.


Due to Argentina’s diverse geography, the climate varies from region to region. Winter in Argentina begins in July and lasts until October, where the summer extends from December to March. The winter is cold, rainy, and has short days, whereas the summers are hot and humid with longer days. It is recommended that students bring a wet weather coat and a warm coat for the nights during the winter.

Money in Argentina

The currency of Argentina is the Argentine Peso. At the time of writing, US$ 1 equals 7,80 Argentine pesos. Most credit cards are accepted and ATMs are found throughout the cities.


The following list gives you some indication of what you may wish to plan for during your stay in Buenos Aires. Taxis from US$3.00; local transport US$0.35; a set meal/menu in restaurant US$ 5.00; a beer in a nightclub US$3.00; a cappuccino in a trendy café/bar US$3.00; international phone calls US$4.00 per minute; laundry service US$2.00 per kilo; email service $1.00/hr.


Generally, you will have no problems contacting home, either by phone, mail, fax or internet. Long distance phone calls are about US$ 3 per minute. There are lots of cybercafes in Buenos Aires and other larger cities in Argentina. The price for one hour of internet is approximately US$ 1.00.

Transport in Argentina

Transport in ArgentinaTransport in Argentina

Traffic accidents are the primary threat to life and limb in Argentina. Pedestrians and drivers should exercise caution. Drivers frequently ignore traffic laws and vehicles often travel at excessive speeds. Public transportation is generally reliable and safe. The preferred option for travel within Buenos Aires and other major cities is by radio taxi or "remise" (private car with driver). The best way to obtain these is to call for one or go to an established stand, rather than hailing one on the street. Hotels, restaurants and other businesses can order remises or radio taxis, or provide phone numbers for such services, upon request. Passengers on buses, trains, and the subway should be alert for pickpockets and should also be aware that these forms of transport are sometimes interrupted by strikes or work stoppages. Driving in Argentina is generally more dangerous than driving in the United States. By comparison, drivers in Argentina tend to be very aggressive, especially in the capital city of Buenos Aires, and frequently ignore traffic regulations. U.S. driver's licenses are valid in the capital and the province of Buenos Aires, but Argentine or international licenses are required to drive in the rest of the country.

Recommended Books


  • Lonely Planet ARGENTINA
  • The South American Handbook
  • The Rough Guide to Argentina
  • The Rough Guide to Buenos Aires
  • Time Out Buenos Aires
  • Frommer’s Buenos Aires


We recommend you the following and Latin American writers:

  • Gabriel García Márquez (Latin American)
  • Isabel Allende (Latin American)
  • Julio Cortázar (Latin American)
  • Angeles Mastretta (Latin American)
  • Laura Esquivel (Latin American)

Working Opportunities

Officially, your tourist visa does not allow you to work and it is complicated to get a work visa. However, there are opportunities to stay longer in Argentina and work. Most of these jobs are in restaurants and bars and popping your head in once you are in Argentina, is better than trying to organise something beforehand via the internet. You can also try to get a job as an English Teacher at one of the Language Schools but these jobs are normally for native, qualified English teachers only. There might be a couple of agencies that could make a deal with you although this is more difficult.

AMAUTA SPANISH SCHOOL also hires foreign people (either in exchange for Spanish classes or not).

If you are interested in one of our JOB OPPORTUNITIES, click here!

More Information

For general information, contact the South American Explorers Club in Buenos Aires. This non-profit organization functions primarily as an information network for Peru and South America and is the most useful organization for travellers in the continent.

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