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Peru, Cusco and Surroundings

Peru, Cusco and Surroundings

Peru, Cusco and Surroundings

Peru, Cusco and Surroundings

What is the population of Cusco? What is the city of Cusco like?

Cusco has a population of about 330,000 inhabitants. Cusco is in the southern part of Peru at about 850 kilometers from Lima. The city center of Cusco is pretty small and there are quite a lot of tourists. Outside of the center there are more residential neighborhoods. Cusco is a beautiful city full of culture, with plenty to do. Visit our informational website to find out more

What is the weather like?

The rainy season in Cusco occurs from November through March. During the dry season, from April to October, the weather is generally sunny. Temperatures are always hot during the day and cold at night. It is recommended that students bring a wet weather coat and warm clothes for the nights and inside buildings, as they don't have heating. In the sun it is very hot and you can get burnt easily.

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