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What will you learn?

In the three live Spanish Lessons for Beginners we'll cover the following topics: greetings, how to introduce yourself, the numbers, basic conjugation & pronunciation, survival vocabulary, small talk & more.


“I am currently following Spanish lessons online. I have had 1 week of classes so far and it is amazing! I love the personal attention that you get from a private tutor and the class was fun and casual. I love the interactive part of the teaching methods, for example, by games to learn the verbs, and a lot of listening assignments. My Spanish has improved a lot thanks to AMAUTA.”

Our Spanish students


“Good teachers who are patient (very important) and speak Spanish clearly. It's so amazing to see all the opportunities I have now that I speak Spanish! My world has really opened because of my online Spanish lesson classes! I choose individual lessons but there are group lessons too! Highly recommended! If you have your doubts about online learning, just try to free trial lesson!”

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