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Learn Spanish in Peru

Learn Spanish in Peru at AMAUTA Spanish School. AMAUTA is a highly-rated leading Spanish language school in Peru that offers a unique opportunity to learn Spanish in Peru while finding full immersion in Peruvian culture. Learn Spanish in Peru and enjoy language, culture, travel, adventure and fun. Our Peru Spanish language school is located in stunning Cusco, the former capital of the legendary Inca Empire, close to the world-famous lost city of the Incas, Machu Picchu.

Learn Spanish in Peru: Cusco

Our Peru Spanish language school is located in stunning Cusco, the former capital of the legendary Inca Empire, close to the world-famous lost city of the Incas, Machu Picchu. Learning Spanish in Peru offers the singular chance to surround yourself with some of Latin America’s most fascinating archaeological sites and ancient cultures. Apart from that, Cusco is famous for different outdoor adventures, and it is a popular destination for travelers because of the stunning beauty and charm of the city itself.

Our Spanish immersion courses not only run in Cusco. You can learn Spanish in Peru at three additional locations in Peru, apart from Cusco. Mix and match: start with Spanish lessons in Cusco, and continue at our Spanish school in the Sacred Valley of the Incas or the Amazon rainforest. Or, you learn Spanish in Peru in Lima, where we offer a Spanish language program at our school in the beautiful capital of Peru. Past students have spoken so highly of our study programs at the different locations in Peru that you can’t miss out on such a singular opportunity for learning Spanish in Peru. Finally, if you like to keep on travelling while learning Spanish in Peru and participate in different tours and treks and living an authentic adventure in Peru, we recommend our Travelling Classroom.

Learn Spanish in Cusco

Learn Spanish in Cusco

Our main location to learn Spanish in Peru is in Cusco, the former heart of the Incas. Cusco has it all: striking architecture and Inca ruins, culture, a dose of spiritualism, lively nightlife and a wealth of adventure opportunities - including a tour or trek Machu Picchu. It is this unique mixture of ‘the old’ and ‘the modern’ that makes Cusco a great destination for learning Spanish in Peru.

Did you know Cusco means “belly button” in Quechua, the indigenous language of Peru? Cusco is quite literally at the centre of Peru. It is a hub for travellers, with trendy restaurants, popular bars and more.

Learn Spanish in Lima

The Peruvian capital Lima is a city of many faces. Those looking to study at a Peru Spanish school within a modern setting of big city life will be happy here. Trendy neighbourhoods such as Miraflores – where our Lima Spanish school is located – and bohemian Barranco offer one side to the city; the old, UNESCO World Heritage city center offers another, including colonial architecture and fascinating museums.

Beyond this, let’s not forget the city’s richness of restaurants and bars where you can try Peruvian cuisine, which is considered one of the finest in the world.

Learn Spanish in Peru Lima
Learn Spanish Tambopata Rainforest

Learn Spanish in the Rainforest

The most ecologically striking of our Spanish schools in Peru is in Tambopata, deep in the Amazon Rainforest. Here you learn Spanish, integrated with topics on the ecological aspects of the surrounding jungle, where monkeys leap through treetops and jaguars pad silently through the undergrowth. Learn Spanish in Peru at this fantastic location! A Spanish immersion program in the jungle includes transport to the lodge, accommodation, meals, daily activities and excursions, and Spanish lessons.

Learn Spanish in the Sacred Valley

Learning Spanish in the Sacred Valley of Peru is a unique experience. Made up of a trail of small villages, the Sacred Valley of the Incas has an unparalleled richness of history and culture.

During a week-long Spanish course here, you can visit the artisan's market in Pisac, the old Inca town of Ollantaytambo, the salt mines of Maras and the circular terraces in Moray. Transportation, accommodation, excursions and meals are included if you learn Spanish here.

Learn Spanish Sacred Valley

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About Peru

It’s safe to say that Peru is one of the most impressive travel destinations in Latin America. If you learn Spanish in Peru, you’ll be amazed by the diversity of the natural, cultural and historic richness of the country.

Peru is one of the most varied countries worldwide. Peru is synonymous with natural beauty, and it is one of the world’s ten most biologically diverse countries. In Peru, you can find impressive mountain scenery dotted with colorful Andean villages, impressive mountains, stunning beaches and desserts along the coast, green valleys and a vast area of the Amazon.

Thanks to a long history defined by major ancient civilizations, Peru is home to more than 5000 archaeological sites, of which Machu Picchu is the most famous one, revealing the perfection of the Inca empire. Peru is also a paradise for lovers of adventure, offering a range of outdoor sporting activities.

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Cultural Activities

With free cultural activities about the fascinating Peruvian culture, our Spanish language school is thé place for learning Spanish in Peru. Participate in activities such as Peruvian Cooking, Salsa dancing, Music lessons, weaving workshops and visits to places of interest while gaining fluency in Spanish and exploring this fantastic country.

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Accommodation in Peru

AMAUTA Spanish school offers various accommodation options for the students learning Spanish in Peru, including Peruvian homestay, student flats, of the popular student residence, centrally located in Cusco. Make sure to make the most out of your stay in Peru with comfortable accommodation. Meals and free airport pickup are included.

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Spanish Courses in Peru

Take your Spanish skills to the next level! Improve your Spanish quickly thanks to intensive immersion courses emphasizing communicative skills. There are Spanish courses for (young) adults, teens and kids. Choose between group or individual classes and combine your Spanish course with adventure or cultural workshops.

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What Do Our students Say?

I was a student at AMAUTA in March 2020 and it was a great experience. I had just arrived to Peru when quarantine was enforced and AMAUTA had to make significant changes to their business. I believe they did a fantastic job in trying to keep our Spanish courses and made our stay as comfortable as possible. I would recommend AMAUTA to anyone who is looking for a company that has their students best interest in mind and will do anything to make their stay a great experience!
Mary Kate
United States, 2020

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