AMAUTA Spanish School opens its fourth location!

New Buenos Aires school boasts the same strengths as the three Peru locations.

AMAUTA Spanish School has a long history of delivering dynamic & fun Spanish language immersion instruction.

For over twelve years, we have worked to develop a successful program in Peru (three locations: Cusco; Taray, in the Sacred Valley of the Incas; and Manu, in the rain forest), which has allowed countless students to combine Spanish language study with cultural study and adventure.

Now we are pleased to announce the opening of our fourth location in the stunning city of Buenos Aires, Argentina!

Like our Peru locations, our Buenos Aires school applies interactive immersion teaching methods and offers small group and individual instruction options in order to maximize students’ opportunities for success.

And our superior offerings don’t end there. The Buenos Aires program includes complementary cultural courses just like our Peru locations do. Learn to dance the tango, the traditional Argentinean dance. Learn to cook popular native foods. Learn about local culture.

You also have the opportunity to enroll in countless interesting cultural courses or exciting excursions. Or choose our rewarding volunteer program.

Unlike our competitors’ schools, which are located in small flats in the city center, our Buenos Aires location is just outside of the city center, in a beautiful residential neighborhood with tree-lined streets. The neighborhood is convenient and has ample access to public transportation, and is very safe. The building is spacious and peaceful, with a large garden and comfortable classrooms.

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Trust AMAUTA’s rich history of success.

For over twelve years, AMAUTA has been delivering superior instruction in both Spanish language & Latin American culture.

Our immersion method and print materials have been specially developed to maximize your experience and opportunity to learn the Spanish language in a fun and dynamic environment.

Our creative and informed cultural courses & excursions turn your language education into the adventure of a lifetime in the breathtaking settings of Peru & Argentina. Students from around the world have enjoyed success in our interactive & fun programs.



Experience & dynamic methods. Superior teachers & locations.

1. Experience.
For over 12 years we have been using our interactive teaching methods to deliver an immersion Spanish language program second to none in South America. We continuously work to fine-tune and update our program to ensure our students’ success.

2. Methods.

We keep our classes small in order to ensure every student receives personal attention. We also customize individual class to your needs and interests. Our Latin American-oriented materials support the conversation-based curriculum.

3. Teachers.

Our teachers are all trained to our methods in order to offer consistent instruction. They all bring their individual personalities and strengths to the classroom to make every day unique.

4. Locations.

With four beautiful locations, AMAUTA Spanish School offers you both learning and travel opportunities. Living immersed in Latin American culture will help your grasp of the language develop quickly as you learn to communicate in everyday situations.


DOS MANOS Travel Agency

For your convenience, AMAUTA offers the services of its own in-house travel agency, DOS MANOS. Let us arrange your Latin American adventure. We’ll even book your travel to and from your home country.
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Combine Language, Culture & Travel


AMAUTA’s expansion to Argentina allows you countless opportunities to travel, study and immerse yourself in Latin American culture.

Like our Peru locations, the Buenos Aires program offers unique volunteer and traineeship options. Programs combine language study with the opportunity to work with an organization that suits your stewardship or career goals. AMAUTA strives to give back to our communities through both financial and hands-on support of a wide variety of organizations. As a result of this commitment, we provide you with a long list of volunteer programs from which to choose. Contact us for details.

Because our schools are in beautiful destination cities in South America, it is easy to combine your study with excursions of any length. Whether you want to visit a local attraction or explore the country, our schools make the perfect starting point, and our travel agency, DOS MANOS, makes it easy for you to experience South America’s many gems.

In addition to language classes, we offer a host of free cultural classes that address everything from cooking to dancing.

We also offer a variety of cultural and adventure courses to complement your language study. You might even want to experience study in both Peru and Argentina. With our four locations, it’s easy!

Multiple Accommodation Options

You man arrange your own accommodation in Buenos Aires and simply participate in our language course. However, we recommend a total package in order to maximize your language skills. Suitable accommodation is an important part of an effective language program. As a result, we put a lot of energy into evaluating our accommodation options in order to give you the best choices available.

The host family option is ideal for those students who wish to make a cultural journey with the goal of not just learning the language, but also learning about Argentina through immersion into an Argentinean family. Host families are carefully chosen and monitored to ensure you the best experience possible. Homes are located within thirty minutes’ walk from the school, and are all near public transportation routes. Not only will you enjoy ample opportunity to practice your Spanish, this option also includes delicious home-cooked meals!

Our student flats are perfect for those who plan a longer stay in Buenos Aires and enjoy living more independently. The flats are located within thirty minutes’ walk from the school and city center and are close to public transportation lines. Flats are fully furnished and equipped, and offer safety and security.

During the second half of 2009 we will open our first Student Residence. It will be located approximately twenty minutes from the school, and will provide the opportunity for you to live with other students. Between six and twelve students will live together with an Argentinean guest mom in this fully furnished and equipped building. The Student Residence will offer comfort, security and home-cooked meals.

Special discounts available for Buenos Aires location!