Immerse yourself into the Latin American language and culture
February 2010



Why not come and live in South America for a couple of months to experience the rich culture of this incredible continent and build your Spanish skills. You can come and spend some time with us in Peru as well as some time in Argentina, with some traveling in between!

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Brush up your Spanish with our interactive classes, taught by our well-qualified, experienced native teachers. Indulge yourself in our cultural activities! There is so much to see and do in these amazing countries, youīll never be bored! Cusco, a traditional, typical, yet cosmopolitan town in the mountains, boasts the famous Machu Picchu ruins – hike along the Sacred trail of the Incas and learn about the important history of Peru! Donīt miss the Iguazu Falls in Argentina and the fabulous city of Buenos Aires, boasting great theatre and tango shows and fantastic restaurants and nightlife!

If youīve already visited our school in Cusco, why not spend some time in Argentina for your next holiday? Receive a discount if you return! Work on your Spanish, learn Tango, or spend some quality time volunteering and make a difference to a local charity project. This year AMAUTA has helped countless students learn Spanish and have a great time while doing it. Cusco, Peru is always a favourite location for travelers – a little city with a big vibe! One year ago we opened our fabulous new Buenos Aires location with new facilities and exciting opportunities in this Cosmopolitan city.


Learn Spanish in the beautiful Argentinean countryside!

Stay at our estancia, located in the countryside where the cattle graze freely, and enjoy the experience of relaxing in the typical Argentine countryside. A great opportunity to learn something extra about Argentina, to go on excursions and hikes and enjoy the tranquility. You can also take part in our Spanish & Polo program (11 April) and experience the real Gaucho culture, horse riding among the hills.

Learn Spanish in the amazing Peruvian Jungle!

There is nothing quite like being in a real rainforest, and Tambopata National Reserve is one of the most biodiverse areas on earth. Experience this green paradise, and get close to giant river otters, black caimans, monkeys, parrots and turtles. An out of this world experience not to be missed. Join us in the jungle on 9th May or 27th June!

Inti Raymi

AMAUTA got involved in this yearīs Inti Raymi and the students and personnel had great fun participating and dressing in typical clothes and a great variety of ponchos. Come along in 2010 and get involved in this fun Peruvian tradition!

Buenos Aires

Sacred Valley of The Incas

A special place, tranquil and peaceful – a beautiful place to study Spanish and relax. Why not come and practise yoga or spirituality in this special location, or take our spirituality course, or simply study and explore the valley with numerous hikes. Wander through the colourful Sunday markets in Pisac, with special Peruvian textiles, handmade jewellery and traditional Peruvian furnishings. And, itīs the same price as studying in Cusco!


Every year we visit small villages near Cusco, and take Christmas to families living out there that are less fortunate than others. We spend the weekend in the village and take presents of toys, books, clothes and sweets for the children. We make chocolate pastries for the children and their families and play games with them all weekend. Join us next year in December for this great rewarding weekend and camp with us in the Sacred Valley with the children, and then come back to Cusco and take part in our Christmas course to discover a true Peruvian Christmas.


We offer a rewarding experience if you want to spend some time in Peru or Argentina with the locals, and helping a local charity project. You can work with children in orphanages, schools or kindergartens, teach English to blind people, help elderly people, work in hospitals, medical clinics, museums or even a zoo. Talk to us now about what you want to do.



•Visit us for 4 weeks of Spanish classes and 4 weeks of Volunteering during your vacation and get
8 weeks of free accommodation!
Peru $1,365 Argentina $1,895

• Ultimate Package in Peru!
- 2 weeks Spanish classes in Cusco
- 1 week Spanish classes in Sacred Valley
- 1 week Spanish classes in Peruvian Rainforest
- 4 days trekking Salkantay to Machu Picchu
- 2 excursions while studying in Cusco
- All accommodation
- Partake in all our cultural activities for free
All for the special price of $1,580
(flights Cusco – Rainforest not included, approx $185)

• Ultimate Package in Argentina!
- 2 weeks Spanish classes in Buenos Aires
- 1 week Spanish classes in the Pampas
- 1 week Spanish classes in Bariloche
- 4 days trip to Iguazu Falls
- 2 excursions while studying in Buenos Aires
- Partake in all our cultural activities at the same time!
All for the special price of $2,025
(not including bus ticket to Bariloche – approx $40)

• Come with a friend and you both get a 25% discount on your first two weeks of classes!

• All returning students receive a 10% discount on course prices!
So call us now – if youīve already been to Peru why not visit Argentina or vice versa! On top of that, you donīt have to pay the registration fee again!

• Take part in our Spanish & Excursions program in Peru and receive a free course of salsa with 10 lessons!

• Combine your Spanish classes with the Inca Trail or The Salkantay trek in the mountains!
-2 weeks of Spanish classes
-1 week of trekking

• Send your teens to our special Teenage Spanish and Activity camps in the holidays!
Choose from:
  • Sacred Valley of Peru
    2 weeks
    from 21 June - $945
  • The Peruvian Rainforest
    1 week
    from July 5 - $1,290
  • Buenos Aires
    2 weeks
    from 12 July - $1,735

If you need to learn Spanish quickly for employment reasons, we recommend our super-intensive Total Immersion Program, which due to its professional focus and interactive nature, guarantees you success in a minimal amount of time.

Or, if you are working with Spanish speaking people in the Health sector, why not consider our Medical Spanish Program, specially designed for doctors, nurses, social workers and other health professionals. This is an intensive professional course and will have you treating Spanish clients in no time.
Enjoy visits to local hospitals and medical clinics. 5 April in Cusco or Buenos Aires.

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