Newsletter February 2011
  In February 2011 AMAUTA BUENOS AIRES celebrates its Birthday!  
Incredible birthday discounts at our stunning Argentine location in Buenos Aires;
win a free Spanish course through our POLL; 100 years since the discovery
of the old Inca Town “Machu Picchu”; get your TEFL certificate with AMAUTA
and learn more about Chicha Morada and Gnocchi’s in this Newsletter.

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  Machu Picchu celebrates its 100th year
100 years since its discovery and
still just as beautiful...
The village of Machu Picchu was accidentally discovered on July 24th, 1911. Scientists believe that the village was built on this specific location in the Andes because it was close to the mountain tops, which had high religious relevance within the Inca culture.

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Come with AMAUTA to La Copa América 2011

The 2011 Campeonato Sudamericano Copa América, better known as the Copa América 2011, will be the 43th edition of this fútbol spectacle. This year the international championship for national teams in South America will be held in Argentina, from July 1 to July 24.
The final will be played in Buenos Aires' Estadio Monumental which holds 66,449 football fans. In the 42 previous editions seven national teams have won the title.
Argentina and Uruguay both won La Copa América fourteen times. Brazil, the current holder of the cup, won eight titles, Paraguay and Peru two titles and Colombia and Bolivia both won the Copa once.
So if you are a football fanatic and want to be immersed in the passionate world of Latin American futbol culture, sign up now for your Spanish course in July 2011 and go with AMAUTA to the Copa América 2011!

Obtain your TEFL certificate with us

Teach English in any imaginable place in the world...
Since 2011 AMAUTA has offered its students the opportunity to learn Spanish and obtain their TEFL certificate in Peru or Argentina.
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  Wine and adventures in Mendoza
Argentina's wine capital
has so much to offer!
Explore Mendoza´s numerous vineyards by bike, sampling the local produce on the way, or make your way to Aconcagua for climbing, horse riding, skiing, rafting and hiking..

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Speak the true language of tango!

'El Lunfardo', is a popular type of slang that is still an integral part of the Spanish spoke in Argentina. Lunfardo originated among criminals and in brothels and later was the language spoken in tango music.

Join our free Lunfardo workshop at AMAUTA Buenos Aires to fully experience the Argentinean culture!.

  Do you know what Gnocchi are?

Each and every month on the 29th it's a tradition to eat Gnocchi (in Argentine Spanish written as Ñoquis) in Argentina.
The story goes that a group of Italian housewives in the 1970s made the tradition widespread; a way to celebrate the end of the month.
The 29th for most families was the last day before payday, pretty much when they ran out of money. A well-known expression in Argentina is 'a full belly, a happy heart', and therefore Argentinos invite friends and family over to share the Italian pasta dish of Gnocchi's. It's also common to find ñoquis in restaurants menus on this day.
Traditionally, money is put under the plate to attract prosperity. The money is kept by the diner as a sign of good luck, and is left for the hostess to pay for the ñoquis for the month that follows. Sometimes they give the money to a member of the dinner who needs it the most. Either way, diners at the 29th of the month end up both full and happy.


Ever tried the purple Chicha Morada?

Chicha Morada has been a staple in Peruvian food for thousands of years.
The Incas made and drank this beverage throughout the entire Andean region (Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia) before the Spanish ever discovered the Americas. And it's still a tradition to drink Chicha Morada nowadays.
Chicha Morada is a non-alcoholic drink. It consists of purple corn, apple, pineapple, limes, sugar, cloves and cinnamon sticks. It is incredibly refreshing and really easy to make. Don't let the thought of drinking purple corn turn you off to trying this recipe. It's actually delicious and you're not going to eat the corn anyway!


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