Newsletter June 2011
  Spanish & Football Mania in BA  
Are you a football fanatic? Want to become immersed in the passionate world of Latin American football culture?

AMAUTA is offering all our students the opportunity to join the hordes of people flocking to the 2011 international football championship "Campeonato Sudamericano Copa América" (Copa América) this July and get a 10% off all course bookings in July!

Reigning champions, Brazil, have won the competition eight times. However their title is in jeopardy by the strong teams of Argentina and Uruguay, both of which have won fourteen times each!

This year will mark the 43rd running of this annually acclaimed competition, and will be held in Argentina between July 1st and 24th. The grand final will be held in the Estadio Monumental, a stadium that can hold over 65,000 fans, easy to reach from AMAUTA.

So, do you want to be a part of South America´s biggest football event of the year? Then sign up now for your Spanish course in July 2011, join AMAUTA at the Copa América 2011 and get a 10% discount with the discount code: "COPA"!

Peruvian Festivals in June

June is the Festival Month in Peru! Peruvian festivals are, by nature, gregarious expressions of joy, pride and vitality. The dynamic celebrations come in many forms but what unites them all is the fusion of music, dance, colour and, above all, jubilation. Study Spanish and experience these first class examples of Peruvian culture.

Read more about Inti Raymi, Corpus Christi and Qoyllur Riti…
  Study on Location – The Sacred Valley  
Do you want the chance to study in one of the most impressive, rich and spiritual places on earth, where ancient cultures combine with breathtaking scenery? AMAUTA´s program, ´Spanish in the Sacred Valley´, offers this unique opportunity.

Living in the small village of Urubamba at the heart of the Sacred Valley, students enjoy a tranquil environment in which they can enjoy the intimacy of traditional Peruvian life.

Not only is it a great place to study, but the Sacred Valley promises to satisfy even the keenest explorer with its countless places to discover.

Visits to the intriguing salt mines of Maras, the old Inca town of Ollantaytambo, the beautiful rolling hills behind Urubamba and the ancient ruins of Pisac are popular sights among many.

The residence also boasts several mountain bikes that can be used to roam the valley.

If you fancy a unique learning experience in this magical location get in touch now!

For other options to study on location please see our website for details.
Study Spanish in Buenos Aires

Want to learn Spanish in one of South America´s most cosmopolitan cities? Then come to Buenos Aires, the exciting capital of Argentina to partake in AMAUTA's total immersion experience! Alongside regular language classes you will enjoy extra cultural activities that allow you to really get a feel for the Argentinean way of life.

It is winter in Buenos Aires now, and a beautiful time to visit. The city enjoys a pleasant climate all year round, but during winter it rains less and the usually tropical temperatures drop a few centigrade.

Among many perks of experiencing winter in Buenos Aires are the following...

  • Enjoy the delicious ´Chocolate con Churros´, a classic Porteño treat
  • Soak up the city´s eclectic program of theatre, music, dance and more during what is commonly known as the finest time of year for the arts
  • Sample a variety of celebrated culinary delights including ´Locro´, a hearty stew ideal for winter
  • Experience ´St. John´s Little Summer', the rare weather phenomenon that last 3-7 days and during which temperatures reach up to 24°
Sign up and get a 10% off for all course in July!
  Spanish for Expats  

Planning to relocate to Argentina? Learning Spanish is a must if you want to make the most of your experience. Our "Spanish for Expats" focuses on practical situations and local expressions. The emphasis is on listening and speaking so that you will be well equipped to get out there in the real Spanish speaking world. The course will not only improve your Spanish but will also provide inside details of local habits, expressions, icons and more.

Get in touch for more information and to kick start your new life with gusto!

Spanish and TEFL

Fancy gaining the passport to living your dreams abroad? AMAUTA´s Spanish & TEFL course will equip you with the skills and qualifications necessary to teach English anywhere in the world. Our Spanish classes are known their fun and interactive style, and offer customized instruction at a level to suit your individual needs.

The TEFL course will train you in the principles and practical skills of successful EFL teaching and, upon successful completion, you will be rewarded with both an International TEFL and TESOL Certificate. These awards have been accredited as NQF Level 4 and will be your passport to worldwide travel!

Join us at AMAUTA in either Peru or Argentina to turn your dream into a reality!

Which traditional Peruvian drink most allures your taste buds?
Chicha morada
chicha morada
Derived from purple corn, native to the Peruvian Andes, this drink dates back to even earlier than the Inca Empire. It has a delicious flavor that blends well with many Peruvian dishes, and its exotic purple color holds the secret of its health improving qualities.
Pisco Sour
pisco sour
An exciting cocktail made using the Peruvian liquor of Pisco, produced by the fermentation of grape musts, this beverage has been referred to by some as the symbol of Peruvian pride and nationality. Made with egg white and cinnamon, its sharp taste is accompanied by a pleasant underlying hint of sweetness.
Coca tea
coca tea
Simply made by adding hot water to a handful of coca leaves, you have got a botanical tasting tea that is renowned for its supposed medicinal properties.


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