Newsletter April 2012  

While we are saying goodbye to the rainy season in the mountainous Andes region, we are welcoming the sunny travel and hiking season in Peru. What better reason to send you this newsletter special about Peru and the town where AMAUTA has one of his Spanish Schools: Cusco!

  How to Save and Study Spanish with AMAUTA!  

Here at AMAUTA international Spanish School we place a high value in the fact that our students travel from their home countries all over the world to learn the Spanish language with us at our schools in Cusco, Peru and Buenos Aires, Argentina.

To show you our appreciation we are offering you some great discounts for our Spanish language courses. Here go some examples:

For the HAPPY COUPLES or GOOD OLD FRIENDS: Register two for 2 weeks or more and the second receives 30% OFF!
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For the BACKPACKERS: Enroll in 1 week of our Spanish for Travelers course (group class) and receive a 20% DISCOUNT!
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To get instant access to ALL of our great discounts, all you have to do is follow this link to our Facebook page and click on the LIKE button!

VolunteerSpanish and Volunteer program: your chance to make a difference.

Becoming increasingly more popular, the AMAUTA Volunteer Work Program genuinely offers you the opportunity to make an influence with local society. Through one of the many different type of programs offered in both Argentina and Peru, you are able to narrow the gap between the native people and foreign visitors. Anyone partaking in one of our volunteer programs will get a true insight in the rich cultural diversity while gaining a superior level of Spanish language proficiency. 

To offer you better insight into the day to day activities at one of the projects, we share a testimonial of one of our volunteers who worked as a teaching assistant and physical education teacher at a pre-school in Cusco, Peru.

Craig T. Zapatka - United States

“In the classroom, we focused mainly on drawing, coloring and singing. I would help the professor prepare for the day by gathering materials or making models. While the students worked on their projects I was able to go to each student individually and help him write his or her name, explain the project as well as give advice.

Each day I taught physical education to two classes, separately. We would start with stretching exercises and some running games, such as tag or I would imitate an object or animal and the children would follow my motions. Then we would progress into other activities, hula hoop, football, red light - green light, and others. Sometimes, the physical education class took the form of a dance class, both native and modern dances.

The work the professors gave me was very reasonable and my job as an assistant was very enjoyable. I do have to admit that the children were, at times, very difficult to deal with, and a lot of patience is needed. It was important for me, when I started, to understand the students and their social background. It is an essential part of the job to give the students adequate support and attention, which sometimes they do not receive at home. I thoroughly enjoyed my volunteer opportunity at AMAUTA.”

Participants in the Volunteer Program may choose their preferred location and field of interest, which can include social work with e.g. street kids, centers of social, physical or mental rehabilitation (for adults or children), education (kindergarten to secondary school), travel and tourism, cultural work, sports or catering.

For more information of how AMAUTA assists you with your project of choice please visit our website.

  Top 10 what to do in and around Cusco:  

CuscoWhen coming to Cusco you obviously want to hike one of the spectacular Inca Trails leading to the lost city of the Inca’s: Machu Picchu. Of course, you should as you will be amazed.

However, in and around town there are also a lot of cultural and fun-filled activities you cannot afford to miss out on.

We published a top 10 list of things to do for AMAUTA students on our blog. Click here (part I) and here (part II) to discover which ones!

  So the Inca Trail Trek is Sold Out… Now What?  

Machu PicchuWith Cusco being the biggest tourist destination in all of Latin America, there is a realistic chance that the Classic Inca Trail is booked out in high season, already the case for the month of June.

After all, the trek to Machu Picchu is one of the world’s foremost and most famous tourist attractions, and the Peruvian government has imposed a daily limit of visitors in their efforts to best preserve this route to the mystical ‘lost city’ for generations to come.

However, DO NOT DESPAIR! There are many other exciting alternatives to experience Machu Picchu, which are just as, if not more worthwhile considering.

Get to know more about these adventurous treks here.

  Study Spanish in the Amazon Tropics!  

AlfajorHere at AMAUTA Spanish School we pride ourselves on our top notch Spanish courses and well organized volunteer programs. AMAUTA means teacher in the native Quechua language of the Peruvian people and it is our aim to teach anyone who wants to learn the Spanish language and about Latin American culture at top locations in Peru and Argentina.

Our most environmentally stunning location takes you to the Peruvian Rainforest of Tambopata. An exotic lush paradise internationally hailed as one of the most bio-diverse habitats on earth, home to black caimans, capybaras, monkeys, giant river otters, tapirs, hundreds of colorful bird species and according to the locals even the legendary jaguar!

Under the guidance of professional bilingual rainforest guides and the AMAUTA Spanish teachers, we will take you on some really exciting excursions:

  • Hikes through the jungle to admire the wonderful flora and fauna.
  • A visit to Sandoval Lake, where we will board small canoes and paddle along to spot monkeys, turtles and possibly even the family of the giant otter.
  • A visit to the observation tower from where we can enjoy the Amazon jungle and bird life in all its magnificent splendor.
  • A nighttime walk to observe insects and other nocturnal creatures, and perhaps see some caiman activity.
  • A visit to the exotic butterfly farm with many species larger than your own hand.
  • A typical, interactive Peruvian cooking class using many local ingredients.
  • A visit to local jungle communities.
  • The options to visit Monkey Island and the world’s largest known mineral clay lick, where hundreds of parrots, macaws and parakeets congregate daily to feed.

macawTo improve your level of Spanish surrounded by such natural beauty in a truly pristine environment is truly a unique opportunity, highly recommended by our ex-AMAUTA students!

To make it even more appealing to you, our beautiful lodge with 24 spacious bungalows is set in the beautiful rainforest beside the flowing river, and counts with a large common room with a bar and swimming pool.

From Cusco, we take a 25 minute flight to Puerto Maldonado, the main city near the national park, 55 kms. west of the Bolivian border. A week of Spanish course in Tambopata includes the transportation from the airport to the lodge, accommodation, all meals, daily activities and excursions and Spanish lessons given by the qualified AMAUTA teachers who will accompany the students during the entire trip.


With the dry season approaching soon (this tends to be between May and October; months that are cooler and less humid) we have trips leaving at one of the following starting dates:

May 6, June 10, July 1 + 22, September 9, October 7 and November 4, 2012.

Visit our website www.amautaspanish.com or contact to register now for our Spanish in the rainforest course…and explore this wonderland for yourself!
  Quinoa, the supergrain of the Andes!  

If you are not a vegetarian or eco-food fanatic, good chance you have never heard of Quinoa. This ancient grain which was so important to the ancient Inca culture is now becoming a fashion ingredient in the world’s fusion cuisine; very logical once you come to realize the astonishing benefits of this super food being part of your diet.

Oscar, the house chef at AMAUTA, knows…and often uses it as an ingredient in his deliciously prepared lunches for our students. Interested to find out as well? Read the full story here!
  When in Peru, eat like the Peruvians! Cuy: the most controversial Andean delicacy!  

CuyThis is something you may not get to eat ever at home; yet, the illustrious roasted guinea pig known as ‘Cuy’ is a true feast to the Peruvian people, and the many carnivores under the tourists!

Once you get over the amazement (or shudder) of seeing the pictures on the menus of some of the better restaurants, and decide to give it a try, you too will be convinced why this is such a popular yet special dish! Continue reading more about the ‘Cuy’ here.

What is your motivation for studying Spanish?


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