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Time for an update from AMAUTA Spanish School – our newsletter is back ! Here you will find information and specials about studying Spanish in Cusco (Peru) and Buenos Aires (Argentina). Not just do we tell you the ins and outs of studying Spanish, but also our students will tell you more about living and travelling in these two great countries. One student wrote a funny blog about the Argentine sign language; a great read and a good way to get prepared for your trip. Or read about how to use transportation in Cusco. It's not as easy as you may think! Last but not least: don't lose our special offer and get
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Speaking Spanish in Buenos Aires is not all it takes to make clear what you want. Apart from the typical Argentine accent talking in this country involves a lot of physical exercise. Argentines use a lot of gestures.
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Read the story of Annabel, who volunteered at a center of social rehabilitation in Buenos Aires.
Her recommendation to other AMAUTA volunteers in Buenos Aires: Just to be yourself. You don’t have to feel insecure ...
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What can possibly be hard about drinking a mate? Well, there is a whole ritual before and while enjoying this drink. It's not just about pouring a drink down. There is much more to it. Read this entry and drink the mate...
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Peruvian's cuisine has been getting quite a lot of international attention lately. Ceviche, Lomo Saltado and Cuy are some renowned dishes. The Peruvian desserts also deserve to be in the spotlight. Though not (yet) world famous, they definitely have...
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Come to Peru and experience the magical Christmas time. AMAUTA students participate in a special Christmas program and visit the famous Cusco Christmas market Saturantikuy and hand out free hot chocolate and gifst to the Peruvian Kids.
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A manual on how to use public transport in Cusco. Being used to buses in first world countries, it is a bit of a challenge to understand the Peruvian system. Here, there are no time schedules or internet to look up your bus. The best way to find out where to go ....
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Already booked your Spanish course in Peru? This might be a good time to book your trip to Machu Picchu! Why don't you join us on the great Salkantay trek? This 5 day hike brings you to ice cold mountains, hot jungle and ends at the Machu Picchu ruins. All you have to bring is a good mood and some personal belongings, the rest will be taken care of.
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