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The year 2016 is slowly coming to an end – but not without a brand new AMAUTA Update, that holds countless surprises for you! This issue contains our special Christmas Gift for you with big discounts on Spanish courses in Peru and Argentina. Make your December a blast with the perfect Spanish Language Deal!
Summer has just started in the beautiful metropolis of Buenos Aires and AMAUTA fills you in on all the Hot Activities in the City - a great place to practice these catchy Argentine Spanish phrases you will only hear in Buenos Aires! Que Buena Onda!
Furthermore: great Tips for Volunteers in Peru, a beautiful article about the impressive Peruvian nature, Peruvian Records and 15 Spanish Tips for you, if you want a head start on Spanish before your trip to Peru or Argentina.
Typical Spanish words to use in Buenos Aires Summer in Buenos Aires: visit the Hippest Outdoor Markets
Travel Kit Gap Year
The Spanish in Latin America varies from country to country – but that´s not all! Even different cities have their own dialect. Buenos Aires has developed its very own slang filled with strange Spanish words and funny details. Click here to find out how the "porteños" speak! ... It is summer in Buenos Aires! If you who want to explore the city and discover the local culture at the same time, the outdoor markets are the best place to go. Check out the best alternative markets in Buenos Aires for a fun treasure-hunt and delicious local food ...
5 Things to be Aware when Volunteering in Peru 15 tips to getting a head start on your Spanish
40 Spanish Phrases you should know 6 Festivals that put Peru on your map
Thinking about becoming a volunteer in Peru? Taking part in a volunteer project in Latin America is an enriching experience – with the right preparation! Here are 5 details about volunteering in Peru that you should take into account ... This is how you will rock your Spanish course in Peru! Don´t feel like taking out the grammar books all by yourself but want to brush up your Spanish a little before getting to Cusco? Find out 15 easy and fun tips to try at home ...
Top Destination Peru: Peruvian Records
Peruvian records
In Peru, every step you take bares endless possibilities to fascinate you. The Inca culture is not the only remarkable thing to discover in Peru – this many-sided country is full wonders! Peru´s nature and culture is filled with countless one-time records and extraordinary details – these facts about Peru will amaze you!
Do you want to find out all the surprises the Peruvian landscape holds? Click here to find out all the fun and interesting facts about Peru and the records Peru set!
Featured Course: Christmas Spanish Course for Families
Meeting Sarah
Not spending the Christmas holidays at home is a no-go? If this is what you think, then you haven´t heard of all the things Peru offers for families at the end of the year! Take a look at all the exciting family programs to learn Spanish, explore Peru on amazing tours and find out how the Peruvians celebrate Christmas! All of this does not just yet convince you? AMAUTA lets you in on 19 great ideas for activities in Peru especially for the Christmas time! ...
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Which one of these Spanish expressions that is typically used by the local "Porteños"
in Buenos Aires
can be translated as "Chill Out!" or "Relax"?
a) Ni en pedo!
b) Bajá un cambio!
c) Mala leche!
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Happy Christmas!
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