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The AMAUTA Newsletter is back! Dicover this month why Peru is the perfect country to learn Spanish and find out how volunteering makes you gain experience through giving! Don't miss out on Inside Tips about Cusco: travellers tell you about their Secret Spot in Cusco and their first impressions when visiting beautiful Cusco. Also, learn about how high altitude can affect your body. Plus, don't miss our exclusive Special Offers and
Why Peru is the perfect place to learn Spanish?

Do you want to study Spanish and immerse in an interesting culture? It is a well-known fact that learning a new language in a country where the respective language is spoken has an extremely positive effect on you learning experience. But which country to pick? Read about why Peru is the perfect country to take your Spanish classes.

Seven Questions Cusco
Lying in the high Andes, Cusco is a city with an ancient history and truly impressive culture. When I read about the old Incan city for the first time, I knew I had to go there! As a first-time traveller to Peru, there were some surprises waiting for me at my travel goal and I asked myself some questions during the first days of my visit ...
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Altitude Cusco
Travelling to places at higher elevations has an effect on your body. The ancient centre of the Inca Empire, Cusco, lies 3500m high in the Peruvian Andes – an altitude that most of us usually don't have to cope with. While there is no reason to panic when travelling to this city, it is always helpful to be informed how high elevation will affect your system...
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Volunteering in Cusco
Thinking about volunteering in a Latin American country? Peru offers the perfect possibilities! Not only are there opportunities in almost every kind of work field, but you will also be able to practice your Spanish while immersing into the Peruvian culture! Read what you can Gain from Giving as a Volunteer. Don't miss the exclusive discount in the article!...
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Secret spot
The Templo de la Luna is a less famous Inca ruin which lies in the green meadows above the city of Cusco. This so called Temple of the Moon is only a walk away from the city-centre and yet most tourists visiting Cusco seem to be uninformed about this possibility of a relaxing break into the nature. A true secret spot with scenic views all above Cusco! ...
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Featured Spanish Course: Medical Spanish
Are you a health care professional or are you studying in a medicine-related field?
Medical Spanish Program
AMAUTA offers you a special course to acquire medical terminology in Spanish and to develop your skills in communicating with Spanish-speaking clients.
Take this one-time opportunity now and book the Special Medical Program with a 10% discount and pay only USD 499!. Field trips to hospitals, small-scale free medical posts, dental care and rehabilitation centres are included. For this 2 week Program in Cusco (60 hours). Starting dates Jun 6, July 4, Aug 1, Set 19.
Book the Medical Spanish Course in Cusco, Here
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AMAUTA offers Spanish courses at four exciting locations in Peru. Which destination is the most exciting option FOR YOU?
Let us know! Vote number 25 will win a Lonely Planet Peru Guide; send your reply before April 10th, 2016.
1. The Sacred Valley of the Inca
Sacred Valley
The Inca considered this valley in the Andes as holy. The beautiful landscape offers plenty of possibilities to visit ancient Inca ruins, do outdoor activities such as mountain-biking and short hikes or just relax at the AMAUTA residence.
2. Cusco City
Cusco City
The city of Cusco lies in the Andean mountains and used to be the antique centre of the Inca Empire. Today the city flourishes with ancient and modern culture as well as offers a wide variety of tours and activities in and around Cusco.
3. Tambopata Rainforest Reserve
Tambopata Rainforest
Tambopata is a national reserve in the rainforest of South-Eastern Peru. The lodge and classrooms lie within the Biodiverse Park where you will discover exotic wildlife, extraordinary nature and interesting cultures.
4. Lima City
Lima City
The Peruvian Capital - once called the City of the Kings and now ranked as a World Heritage City - is a city of many faces. Spend time in modern Miraflores, in bohemian Barranco or in the beautiful old, colonial city center.
Which destination is the most exciting FOR YOU?
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