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Colorful art in Park Sarmiento

Colorful art in Park Sarmiento
Colorful art in Park Sarmiento, the biggest park in Cordoba and a great place to have a rest or a picnic after a long day of sightseeing. Cordoba is perfect for a city trip with friends or fellow students. Its nightlife is notorious, with lots of clubs and music, and therefore it is also known as the Night Life City.
  • Patio Olmos, a shopping mall in Cordoba
  • Cordoba has many buildings from colonial times
  • Colorful art in Park Sarmiento
  • Golden ceiling of the Cathedral
  • The beautiful inside of the Capuchin Church
  • Historical Jesuit Square and Estancias
  • A sunny day in Cabalango in Cordoba province
  • The town Cabalango in the province of Cordoba
  • Iglesia de Los Capuchinos in Cordoba
  • The Cathedral of Cordoba in the city center
  • Plaza San Martin in Cordoba
  • Cordoba city by night
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