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Other Cities

Other Cities

A virtual tour along some of Argentina’s other cities: San Salvador de Jujuy, near the Andes mountains; Tucumán, known as Garden of the Republic; Mar del Plata, a very nice beach resort; Formosa, on the banks of the Paraguay River, and Catamarca, a well-known pilgrimage city, are only a few of the stunning Argentinean cities exposed in this gallery.

  • The city of Catamarca in Argentina
  • Corrientes' plaza 25 de Mayo
  • Formosa, on the banks of the Paraguay River
  • Beach resort Mar del Plata
  • The beautiful city Neuquen in Patagonia
  • Paraná, an important city in Argentina
  • Quilmes, in the province of Buenos Aires
  • Resistencia, a city full of monuments
  • Skyline of Rosario
  • San Luis in the Cuyo region of Argentina
  • San Salvador de Jujuy near the Andes mountains
  • Santa Fe in Northeastern Argentina
  • Santiago del Estero in the northern Argentina
  • Tucumán, the most important city of Northern Argentina
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