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Festivals in Argentina pictures

Festivals in Argentina

Browse through our selection of pictures of festivals in Argentina, such as the Festival of Chacarera, the National Beer Festival and the Day of respect for cultural diversity. A wonderful mix of colour, spectacle, tradition, music and dance; all Argentina’s festivals are a unique manifestation of vitality, pride and happiness!

National Festival of Chacarera
National Festival of Chacarera
The Festival of Chacarera takes place in the Santiago province and focuses entirely on the traditional Argentinian dance Chacarera, which is very popular in rural Argentina. Enjoy these images of spectacular shows, beautiful dancers and traditional clothing during the Chacarera Festival in Argentina, and get to know an important aspect of Argentinian folklore.
The Carnival Gualeguaychu
The Carnival Gualeguaychu
As you can see in these photos, the carnival in Gualeguaychú stands for spectacular shows and beautiful street parades with impressive costumes. This festival is the biggest carnival of Argentina, and one of the biggest ones in South America. Enjoy these pictures that show an amazing spectacle of music, color and dance!
Handmade Carnivals of Lincoln
Handmade Carnivals of Lincoln
The Carnival Parade in Lincoln takes place in February and combines colourful shows with music, dance and masks. All the characters and figures shown in the carnival float are made by hand. These images give a nice impression of the artists´ creativity involved in preparing the decorations, masks and costumes in Lincoln.
Anniversary of General José de San Martín
Anniversary of General José de San Martín
In August of each year, the Anniversary of the death of General José de San Martín is celebrated in Argentina. Check out our slideshow of pictures of this important national holiday in Argentina. You will see many ceremonies and parades of soldiers and grenadiers who march down the streets of Buenos Aires, commemorating Argentina’s hero, General San Martín.
Day of Cultural Diversity
Day of Cultural Diversity
This gallery focuses on the day of cultural diversity, held on October 12th each year in Argentina. Also known as the Day of the Race in other South American countries, this festive day is the anniversary celebration of Christopher Columbus' arrival in the Americas. In these pictures you see the street parades in Buenos Aires.
Festivity of the Beer
Festivity of the Beer
This gallery contains photos of the happy and colorful festivities during the festivity of the beer, held in November each year in the city of Villa General Belgrano in the province of Cordoba. This Argentinean version of the Oktoberfest in München is known as one of the most important beer festivals in South America.
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