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Festivity of the Beer

Festivity of the Beer

This gallery contains photos of the happy and colorful festivities during the festivity of the beer, held in November each year in the city of Villa General Belgrano in the province of Cordoba. This Argentinean version of the Oktoberfest in München is known as one of the most important beer festivals in South America.

  • The Argentinean version of the Oktoberfest
  • Beer Garden where the National Beer festival takes place
  • People celebrating together at the Beer festival
  • Colorful parades on trucks during the Oktoberfest of Argentina
  • Traditional outfits at the Beer Festivity
  • Dancing at the Oktoberfest in Argentina
  • Parade during the Oktoberfest in Villa General Belgrano
  • Traditional costumes at the national beer festival
  • An impressive costume at the Beer Festival
  • Scottish people playing the bagpipe
  • Nice outfits during the parade of the Oktoberfest
  • Two Argentinean men enjoying their beer during the festivities
  • Argentinean’s version of Germany´s Oktoberfest
  • Music and dance performances during the Oktoberfest in Villa General Belgrano
  • Lots of beers at the Oktoberfest Argentina
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