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Children with their Spanish teacher during 'Spanish for families' program

Children with their Spanish teacher during 'Spanish for families' program
The program "Spanish for families" is great for families who want to travel to Argentina for a true cultural experience. After Spanish classes, we can help you to arrange nice family outings, such as to an typical estancia in the Pampas, to Mataderos on Sunday or to the Feria in San Telmo - all great options to learn more about typical Argentinean customs and the local culture. If you have some more time, we will be pleased to organize your trip to Iguazu, Salta, Mendoza, Bariloche, El Calafate, Ushuaia and many others.
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  • The Spanish program include, Argentinean cultural courses
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  • Children with their Spanish teacher during 'Spanish for families' program
  • Argentina´s course is aimed at improving communication skills in Spanish
  • Spanish students during a Cooking workshop in Argentina
  • AMAUTA offers programs, such as Spanish for university students
  • Spanish students receive their diploma of their Spanish course
  • Spanish students enjoy the Argentinean drink
  • Dynamic and fun Spanish courses at AMAUTA Spanish School
  • Spanish students in Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Staff and students of AMAUTA Spanish School in Buenos Aires
  • Students enjoying a break between Spanish classes
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