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Cultural activities

Cultural activities

Our Spanish school in Buenos Aires offers many daily student activities such as lectures on Argentinean culture and history, Argentinean cooking classes, visits to museums and other interesting sites in Buenos Aires, and even tango classes. Check out these images of AMAUTA students enjoying their free time in between classes.

  • Learn Tango in Buenos Aires and have fun in an Argentinean Milonga
  • Combine Spanish classes with Argentinean wine-tasting
  • Between the classes, Spanish students learn to drink a typical drink of Argentina called Mate.
  • Horseback riding in the Argentinean countryside, organized by Amauta
  • A group of Spanish students on a daytrip to the Tigre Delta in the Province of Buenos Aires.
  • A great getaway for the Porteños but also for  Amauta students, Tigre in the Parana Delta.
  • Spanish Students in Buenos Aires have lunch at the Parana River Delta
  • The lively city of Buenos Aires has an endless variety of cultural activities, nightlife and parks!
  • Amauta students in Buenos Aires, all partying together as one big family!
  • We like to explore Buenos Aires lovely green parks by bike!
  • Spanish students visit places of interest in Buenos Aires
  • Students visiting the Recoleta Cultural Centre in Buenos Aires
  • MALBA, the Latin American Art Museum, in Buenos Aires
  • Students enjoying an Argentina cooking workshop after Spanish classes
  • A walking tour through the area around our Spanish school
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