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Combine Spanish classes with Argentinean wine-tasting

Combine Spanish classes with Argentinean wine-tasting
At AMAUTA Spanish School we focus on teaching the Spanish language while providing a full immersion experience into an unknown and exciting new culture. Our wine workshop is a great course for wine lovers worldwide. You will learn all there is to know about Argentinean vineyards and viticulture and of course enjoy some of the finest Argentinean wines.
  • Learn Tango in Buenos Aires and have fun in an Argentinean Milonga
  • Combine Spanish classes with Argentinean wine-tasting
  • Between the classes, Spanish students learn to drink a typical drink of Argentina called Mate.
  • Horseback riding in the Argentinean countryside, organized by Amauta
  • A group of Spanish students on a daytrip to the Tigre Delta in the Province of Buenos Aires.
  • A great getaway for the Porteños but also for  Amauta students, Tigre in the Parana Delta.
  • Spanish Students in Buenos Aires have lunch at the Parana River Delta
  • The lively city of Buenos Aires has an endless variety of cultural activities, nightlife and parks!
  • Amauta students in Buenos Aires, all partying together as one big family!
  • We like to explore Buenos Aires lovely green parks by bike!
  • Spanish students visit places of interest in Buenos Aires
  • Students visiting the Recoleta Cultural Centre in Buenos Aires
  • MALBA, the Latin American Art Museum, in Buenos Aires
  • Students enjoying an Argentina cooking workshop after Spanish classes
  • A walking tour through the area around our Spanish school
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