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The tango is the national dance of Argentina–and forms an important aspect of the cultural heritage of the country. Although you would need to experience a tango performance in real life in order to feel and understand the passion of the dance, these pictures capture the spirit of the tango scene very well.

  • Argentina is famous for its great tango scene.
  • A couple dancing tango on the streets of Buenos Aires.
  • Tango is considered as Argentina's national dance.
  • The seductive Tango originated in local bars in Buenos Aires
  • Tango today has influences from all kinds of world music.
  • A tango performance on the streets of Buenos Aires
  • Tango, an essential part of the Argentinean culture
  • Tango show in Buenos Aires
  • A couple dancing tango in Buenos Aires.
  • Tango originated along the Rio de la Plata.
  • A passionate tango performance in Buenos Aires.
  • There are many different styles of tango.
  • The tango was declared a part of the world’s cultural heritage
  • There are many forms and styles of tango
  • A sensual pose during a tango performance in Buenos Aires.
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