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Volunteer in Argentina pictures

Volunteer Work

People from all over the world come to participate in AMAUTA’s volunteer work projects in Buenos Aires. See how volunteers offer a helping hand to the local Argentinean society by working for a cultural, social, ecological or educational project. Enjoy pictures of volunteers who get to know the Argentinean culture from a different angle, and make friends along the way!

Social and Educational Projects
Social and Educational Projects
These images of social and educational volunteer programs in Buenos Aires, such as rehabilitation centres, community centres and orphanages, clearly show the joy and happiness on the faces of the locals involved, but also capture the enthusiasm and gratification of the volunteers at work. These projects are wonderful if you want to interact with local people and enrich their lives!
Cultural Projects
Cultural Projects
Our cultural volunteer projects in Buenos Aires give a unique insight into the local communities. Our photo gallery shows some of the options we offer volunteers in the cultural working field, such as organizing workshops, working for local media, helping in a theatre or setting up artistic events. A great way to learn about the Argentinean culture!
Ecological Projects
Ecological Projects
See for yourself how our volunteers can make a difference for the wildlife and local communities in Argentina by offering a helping hand in ecological organizations. If you have affinity for subjects such as sustainable development and climate change, these volunteer positions will definitely be interesting for you, and you will get to know beautiful places in Buenos Aires!
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