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Social and Educational Projects

Social and Educational Projects

These images of social and educational volunteer programs in Buenos Aires, such as rehabilitation centres, community centres and orphanages, clearly show the joy and happiness on the faces of the locals involved, but also capture the enthusiasm and gratification of the volunteers at work. These projects are wonderful if you want to interact with local people and enrich their lives!

  • Volunteers enjoy playing with kids at a project in Buenos Aires
  • A volunteer practising her Spanish at a project in Buenos Aires
  • Helping out in an orphanage in Buenos Aires via AMAUTA Spanish school
  • Work with children at a volunteer project in Argentina
  • Children in orphanages love to get attention from volunteers
  • Volunteers organize creative activities for kids in Buenos Aires
  • This volunteer takes care of children in a centre in Buenos Aires
  • Volunteers spend time with boys who in a special home in Buenos Aires
  • One of the volunteer programs in Buenos Aires where help is needed
  • Your Spanish skills improve a lot while volunteering in Buenos Aires
  • There are many volunteer work options at social rehabilitation centres
  • An enthusiastic volunteer at a social project in Buenos Aires
  • An educational volunteer project in Buenos Aires
  • Food collection by volunteers in Buenos Aires
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