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Cusco pictures


Cusco makes the perfect base for exploring the grandeur of the Andes, a wealth of famous Inca ruins and the magical “Lost City” of Machu Picchu. Check out this photo gallery for images of everything that has to do with Cusco: tourist highlights, impressions of the “Cusquenian” culture, and the beautiful surroundings of Cusco.

Tourist Highlights
Tourist Highlights
Cusco, former capital of the Inca Empire, is one of Peru´s most popular tourist destinations. These images show the impressive range of sites to visit when in Cusco, such as convents, churches, museums, the Temple of the Sun and the Cathedral. Browse through these images and you will understand why the city was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Around Cusco
Around Cusco
The area around Cusco has some of the most beautiful landscapes of Peru and holds a wealth of architectonic monuments from Inca times. Let us show you some of the most impressive sights around Cusco, such as Sacsayhuamán, an impressive Inca fortress, Tambomachay, an archaeological Inca site and, of course, the picturesque Sacred Valley.
Impressions of Cusco
Impressions of Cusco
These colourful impressions of city life in Cusco will give you a nice insight into the local “Cusquenian” culture. Check out our pictures of Peruvians dressed in traditional attire, snapshots of markets full of fruits and vegetables and images of typical artisanal crafts. It gives you the chance to explore the city of Cusco, albeit virtually!
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