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Authentic boats at Iquitos

Authentic boats at Iquitos
Take one of these authentic boats in Iquitos to experience the Peruvian culture. Iquitos is not accessible by road; people who are travelling through Peru should take a boat or an airplane.
  • Overview of the Parade Square of Iquitos, Peru
  • Buildings and church at Parade Square of Iquitos, Peru
  • Cathedral of Iquitos at Parade Square
  • Auto rickshaws at Parade Square in Iquitos, Peru
  • Iquitos, a city full of motorcycles
  • Republican constructions in Iquitos, Peru
  • The beautiful city of Iquitos, Peru
  • Republican constructions in Iquitos, Peru
  • Neighbourhood of Belen, Iquitos
  • Port Area of Iquitos
  • Authentic boats at Iquitos
  • Transportation by boat on River Amazonas
  • Amazon Jungle of Iquitos
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