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Trabalhe Conosco

If you are interested in working with us in Cusco or Buenos Aires and you plan to stay for at least three months in Peru or Argentina, please contact us. Besides working at AMAUTA, there are always opportunities to work abroad in Cusco and Buenos Aires, depending on the season and your skills.

Generaly speaking, we are mostly interested with people with good language skills ( (almost) fluent in at least English and Spanish) with the following backgrounds:
Marketing, textwriters, content managers, community managers, design, tourism, administration, translation, computer science.

We’ll make sure you will have a great working abroad experience in Peru or Argentina with us, in an international admosphere with space for your own working pace and creativity. Some jobs are paid vacancies, others are internships or so called work studies, where we offer you either free accommodation with meals included and/or free Spanish classes and/or free tours. This depends in the working load, specific proyects we might be working on, and yor own experience, studies and commitment.

Officially, your tourist visa will NOT allow you to work and getting a working permit is complicated. However, we do offer the option to get you a working visa, but only for a serious long term commitment (min. 2 years).

Besides working with us, we can help you to get some extra money in restaurants, bars, or as an English teacher. There are several english Language schools and they need native speakers to teach English abroad.

Many schools requiere a teaching qualiticacion such as the TEFL, a course we also offer at AMAUTA.

Current Job Offer in Peru and Argentina

Buenos Aires, Argentina or Cusco, Peru

Last minute! Job offer Peru!

There is a last minute vacancy in Peru at our Reservations and Booking Department for a TRIP DESIGNER & COURSE COUNCELOR.

We are looking for a native English speaker with a good level of Spanish with travel experience.

Last minute! Job offer Peru!

We are urgently looking for a COMMUNITY MANAGER & CONTENT MANAGER.

We need a native English speaker with a good level of Spanish with interest in Latin American culture.

Last minute! Work Study Argentina!

We are currently looking for a CONTENT MANAGER / TEXT WRITER.

We need a native English speaker with a good level of Spanish with interest in Argentine culture.

Become part of our great international team and improve your Spanish language skillswhile living and working abroad in in South-America. For more information about these vacancies in Peru and Argentina, please contact

Trabalhe conosco
Trabalhe conosco
Jobs offered

Volunteer work in Peru or Argentina

Next to the options described above with our current job offer for paid vacancies, internships and work studies (work part-time while taking Spanish courses), AMAUTA offers many volunteer placements.

There are many different volunteer projects in Peru and Argentina and AMAUTA is proud to organize both individual and group placements and support the projects for over 15 years now. All projects receive the ungoing support from AMAUTA and for every volunteer that has been placed at a project, besides the benefit of the placement itself, the project receives a financial DONATION from AMAUTA. Possibe fields of inerest are: social work, education, tourism, cultural, ecologial, catering. Examples of projects , NGO’s or institutions in Peru or Argentina are hospitals, clinics, kids projects, orphanages, projects for street children, homes for eldery people, primary schools, secondary schools, kinder gartens and so on. Please contact us for more information about a specific project. You find more information about our Spanish and Volunteer program here.

Here below you see the “job offer”of the projects: you will see that for certain projects, specific skills are requiered.

If you do not have those specific skills, please contact us to ask for our volunteer project list Cusco or Buenos Aires with general descrtiptions of the projects and the type of activities that volunteers will be involved in.

Remember the projects need many volunteers, besides the specific vacancies published below.

Voluntario e Estágios
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