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AMAUTA Meal Plans (Peru only)

AMAUTA offers a range of meal plans designed to make your stay with us as comfortable as possible, while enjoying tasty Peruvian cuisine. Most students choose to eat at school with the other students.

AMAUTA Residence Meals

Lunch with a local familyLunch in our student residence

Our most popular meal plan is to eat at the school with the other students.  Both breakfast and lunch is provided.  For breakfast we have fruit juice and breads with jam and various other additions such as eggs, cheese and pancakes.  Lunch is the largest meal of the day in Peru and we have a fabulous cook in our student residence at AMAUTA who prepares a delicious range of Andean and foreign cuisine. This is a great value package, and you can rest-assured that all food is carefully selected, safe and well-cooked. If you enjoy socializing, this is a good chance to meet other students studying at AMAUTA. It´s also easy, being on-campus, you can easily enjoy lunch after your morning classes, or before your afternoon classes. Lunch is home-cooked and consists of three courses, seven days a week.

Lunch with a local family

For those living in their own accommodation but would like to experience the famous Peruvian cuisine with the locals themselves, AMAUTA offers the chance to lunch each day with a local family. Lunch is the largest meal of the day, and is very family orientated. With this option students can maximize their opportunity to practice Spanish and learn about local culture while living independently. You can be a part of a local family during the typical lunch hour, practicing your conversation skills while also enjoying traditional local food. Includes lunch all the week.

Local restaurants

There are plenty of restaurants around the city centers, but how do you know which ones offer good food and great value? With this restaurant package, students will eat their lunch daily in variety of good quality restaurants. Includes lunch, five days a week.

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