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Hostfamilies in Cusco, Peru

 Host FamilyHost Family - Standard

The host family option is available particularly for individuals who wish to make a cultural journey, aiming not to only learn the Spanish language but to also learn much more about Latin America and ways of life, through the experience of living with a local family.

The host family option is available in Cusco, Lima, Buenos Aires and Bariloche. At our other locations, students will stay in our student residences with the other students on campus (Sacred Valley, Tambopata, Pampas). In Cusco, most families are located within 20-25 minutes distance from the school and in Buenos Aires, within 30-35 minutes by public transport.

AMAUTA host families are middle class families who are carefully chosen and monitored through regular inspections and student feedback. The student will always have their own private room and share other facilities with the family. Guest families generally provide two meals a day (in Buenos Aires only breakfast is included on Saturday and Sunday) and can cater for special diets, such as for vegetarians and diabetics.

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