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Cultural Workshops in Argentina

AMAUTA offers the Cultural Workshops in both Tango and Argentine Cooking with local teachers, which can be booked for an additional fee. It's a great opportunity to learn about real traditional Argentine culture and to complement the student's Spanish course.



The best known cliché of the origin of the Tango is that is was born in the brothels of Buenos Aires. The idea is that brothels were the general place that the middle class people encountered the music and style of dance first.

Today in Buenos Aires, three different forms of the Argentine Tango can be found: Salon, Fantasia, and one created specifically for the stage. Due to the creation of other new dances of the time, a great amount of influences have been shaping the way the Tango is today—the stage Tango, for example, having been created specifically to get North American English speakers to become interested in the dance. After shows of stage Tango dancing, classes and demonstrations are offered for the viewers, however it is recommended to learn the traditional Argentine Tango as opposed to learning the choreographed steps of the stage Tango.

AMAUTA offers a tango workshop with a professional tango teacher. If you decided to come to Buenos Aires, after all, why not participate in our Spanish and Tango program?

Argentine Cooking

AMAUTA´S cooking classes are designed to offer food lovers a unique gastronomic experience exploring Argentine and Latin American cuisine, sampling local ingredients and learning local recipe secrets, with emphasis in Argentine food preparation and wine paring. Whether you are a kitchen novice or an experienced cook, you will find our cooking classes fun and useful. From ´asado´ to ´empanada´, from ´mate´ to ´dulce de leche´…. Learn about the endless different varieties of meat and local dishes in our Argentine cooking workshop!

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