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Cultural Workshops in Peru

There are two cultural workshops per week totally free or charge for all students: salsa, Peruvian music and / or Peruvian cooking classes.

For those who get so enthusiastic about these fun and entertaining classes, we offer the option to book additional classes, with local teachers. It's a great opportunity to learn about real traditional Peruvian culture and to complement the student's Spanish course.


Peruvian Music

During the musical workshop you’ll have the chance to learn various instruments including the guitar, charango (Peruvian guitar), zampoña (panflute) and/or quena (flute). There is no need to have experience playing an instrument nor be able to read music. Students will quickly learn to play some well-known songs. This is a must for people who are interested in Peruvian folklore.

Peruvian Cooking Workshop

Every two weeks we run a free cooking class, with our experienced chef, who makes tasty local treats. If you are interested in more classes, we also run a cooking workshop, designed for people who want to learn more about famous Peruvian cuisine! Peruvian food is great, and there's so much more to learn! Learn about the endless different kinds of "papas" (potatoes), about the traditional "quinua" and the use of native herbs with our experienced chef!

Peruvian Dance

Every Friday night we run a free salsa class for all students to kick off the weekend. In addition you can join our Dance Workshops to learn salsa and cumbia, and the typical dances of marinera, huayno, el vals, carnaval Cusqueño, huayllas, la diablada and majeño. Traditional Peruvian dance is a key component of native folklore. Enjoy the locals performing these dances in the street too!

Peruvian Pottery

Together with a local institution, AMAUTA organizes pottery workshops. For this course, students are required to sign up for a minimum of 3 hours. Students will learn different techniques to make traditional Inca figures and styles. All materials are included.

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