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AMAUTA offers a range of Spanish courses in Peru and Argentina for all ages and levels. Not only do we create customized Spanish instruction at the level and pace that best suits you, AMAUTA conducts its Spanish courses using interactive, clear and personal teaching methods.

We believe the success of our interactive method relies on the personal attention our teachers are able to give you. Therefore, all of our Spanish group courses are small and are formed according to students’ abilities. The first day of the Spanish course begins with an oral and written placement test so we can assess your level as accurately as possible. This allows us to place you with other students at the same level.

Both AMAUTA Peru and AMAUTA Argentina offer a wide range of Spanish courses: you may choose from group or individual classes, a combination of both, or a Total Immersion Program. But you can also participate in our special Spanish courses:

Or, you can choose to combine your Spanish study with numerous excursions, cultural activities or adventure activities, such as treks, river rafting, and paragliding, by participating in our Spanish courses such as:

You can get more involved in the culture of Peru or Argentina by choosing to take part in one of our Spanish courses & cultural activities, a program that combines Spanish study with specialty workshops in areas such as salsa dance, music, Peruvian cooking, weaving, and much more. These activities give you an in-depth look at the culture of Peru and Argentina.

The Culture Program provides a comprehensive view of the cultural area you choose to study, but we also have a range of complementary culture activities that run every evening. All free activities give you the opportunity to learn Spanish in a fun and dynamic environment while you deepen your understanding of Latin American culture.

All AMAUTA Spanish courses include the following:

  • Study of Spanish grammar theory and practice
  • Exercises to extend vocabulary and improve pronunciation
  • Development of listening, writing and reading comprehension while using newspapers, songs and local literature of Peru and Argentina
  • Techniques of oral communication, guided conversation and role plays

Finally, after all these choices, you may also choose the location of our Spanish courses: to get off the tourist path and study Spanish in one of our special locations: AMAUTA is proud to offer a variety of locations to mix and match, such as the incredible Amazon Rainforest in Tambopata and the Sacred Valley of the Incas in Peru, or the peaceful Pampan countryside in Argentina. Or, consider to study Spanish with our partnerschools in Lima, Bariloche, or Montevideo.

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