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All-in-One: Spanish + Excursions + Volunteering

Spanish + Excursions + Volunteering

Upon request of many alumni, AMAUTA presents for the first time this year the possibility to study Spanish, participate in the Volunteer Work Program and enjoy several organized excursions and activities, all in a 3-week program! This program is especially designed for people that want to participate in different activities but have limited on their time. It combines the best of all of our programs into one.

Participants will have a total of 40 hours of group Spanish courses, 20 hours of volunteering, and an opportunity to take 10 hours of a cultural workshop (weaving or music). Three weeks of accommodation at the Students Residence is included, and while volunteering, complimentary workshops and activities (including additional Spanish support) are offered. Volunteers can count on the continuous assistance of our Volunteer Coordinator who will have at least one personal interview with each volunteer and take them to the project the first day of work. All volunteers have access to the free activities offered to AMAUTA students.

All-in-One: Spanish + Excursions + Volunteering
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