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Spanish and Paragliding

Spanish and Paragliding

In the spectacular setting of Sacred Valley, you will learn to paraglide independently. Under the guidance of an instructor, you begin by learning the theory of flight, take-off, landing and controlling turns. Soon you will be making short flights at a low altitude and practicing take-off and landing.

By the end of the five week course, you will have covered a wide range of related topics including basic meteorology and thermal flight above land and sea. You will have done your own flights of between 600 and 900 meters in altitude and on the final day you will be evaluated, and if your standard is suitable, you will receive your license and flight log.

In 2018 this course will run on fixed starting dates of October 15 and November 12. This is available for all levels of Spanish, and no prior knowledge is required for paragliding although you should have a reasonable physical condition.

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