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Spanish and Culture in Peru

Spanish and Culture

For those studying Spanish in Peru, and want to get more involved in the culture, we have created the perfect combination for you! Take part in one of our specialized Spanish and Culture programs, which combines learning Spanish with specialty workshops in cultural areas such as dance, music, cooking, weaving, history, and much more!

For instance, enroll in our Inca Civilization course in Peru to improve your Spanish and discover the many historic wonders of the Incas before visiting Machu Picchu.

These activities will give you an in-depth look at the culture of the country where you choose to study Spanish.

This program has fixed starting dates ( See here )

Spanish and Culture of Peru

Quechua classes

Learn to speak in the original language of the Incas, el “Runasimi” or Quechua. In only a couple of hours you will gain insight into the richness of traditional Peruvian cultures and languages. People in Cusco, especially in the countryside, will greatly appreciate your efforts An “Allillanchu” (Good morning, how are you?) will immediately open doors for you.

Peruvian Cuisine Workshop

Peruvian Cuisine Workshop

Peru is becoming internationally recognized for its authentic, rich and uniquely flavorsome gastronomy. In 2013, AMAUTA Spanish School in Cusco is introducing a new course to its curriculum, “Spanish and Peruvian Cuisine”. In this special Spanish course you will receive information about the outstanding variety of products in Peruvian local markets while relishing the opportunity to practice your Spanish with the local merchants. In this cuisine workshop you will master dishes such as the famous Ceviche, Lomo Saltado, Rocoto Relleno, the national cocktail called Pisco Sour and much more. The main emphasis of this Peruvian Cuisine Workshop in Cusco s to experience the perfect combination of Peruvian gastronomy in an intensive Spanish learning environment.

Our Spanish & Peruvian cuisine workshop has fixed starting dates ( see here ).

Spanish & Peruvian Weaving

Spanish & Peruvian Weaving

The decadent colors and intricate designs of the traditional Peruvian weavings are one of the most beautiful hidden secrets of the vast Peruvian culture. All weavings play an important role in the community traditions of Peru such as courtship, marriage, childbirth and annual celebrations.

In our unique Spanish & Peruvian Weaving Workshop in Cusco, you will discover the amount of work and devotion that is dedicated to the fabrication of one single mantle. Experienced Peruvian artisans will teach you traditional weaving and knitting techniques, most commonly using simple handmade looms, and surely but slowly you will learn how to weave these one of a kind textiles.

On Saturday we will visit a local community in the surroundings of Cusco, who will offer us a warm welcome and explain all about the extensive weaving process, such as shearing the sheep, cleaning the wool, spinning the yarn, dying the fabrics and weaving the cloths. We will even get to see the various plants used for the dying and see the different types of threads used. This is a spectacular field trip that will show you first-hand all aspects of this complex art form. The excursion will also give you the opportunity to meet indigenous people from Peru who are eager to share this important part of their culture. Whilst your weaving workshop will take place during the afternoons, you will study Spanish during the mornings (Spanish group lessons, or individual course).

Our Spanish & Weaving course has fixed starting dates (see here).

Spanish and Salsa Dancing

Spanish and Salsa Dancing

Take advantage of the rich Peruvian culture in the vibrant and wonderfully energetic city of Cusco! AMAUTA is offering a fun Salsa workshop that can be combined with any of our Spanish courses. Next to your Spanish classes with professionally qualified Spanish teachers you will be practicing salsa dance moves with highly experienced Salsa dancers. Benefit from the sensual culture of Peru and Latin America by receiving tuition in Salsa, a true cultural immersion experience. The art of salsa dancing is a quick and easy art to learn; before you know it you will master the rhythm, movement and language!.

The Spanish and Salsa course has fixed starting dates (see here)

Inca Civilization

Spanish & Inca Civilization

Learn about one of the world’s most incredible past civilizations in our Inca Civilization course. Through lectures, videos and field trips, we study the origins of the Peruvian culture and the developments they achieved in areas such as agriculture, medicine, ceramics and architecture. Choose to learn Spanish in Peru and study ancient Incan traditions.

This program has fixed starting dates ( See here )


Cultural workshop program

Cultural workshop program

Students can pair their Spanish courses in Peru with emphasis on a specific aspect of Peruvian culture. Students will study Spanish in the morning and have their cultural option in the afternoon. Choose to focus on Peruvian music and concentrate on traditional songs, lyrics, and instruments such as the zampoña, bombo, quena, and charango. Or, choose to focus on traditional Peruvian weaving and learn traditional techniques and iconography (symbolism of the designs). There are also options to pair learning Spanish with classes in Peruvian cooking, craft and pottery, or dance (Salsa or Huayno).

This program has fixed starting dates ( See here

Christmas course

Study Spanish in Cusco during the magical Christmas season and experience a different way of celebrating holiday traditions with our Christmas course! This course includes visits to Santurantikuy, the Andean Christmas market and impressive churches where you can observe the traditional nacimientos. We also have a traditional Christmas dinner with a Peruvian family and camp in a local community for a special mountain Christmas.

This program has fixed starting dates ( See here )

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