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Spanish for Families

Spanish for Families

Did you know that research shows that children who are exposed to the Spanish language at an early age benefit greatly in their language and reading development? Don’t miss the opportunity to give your children an extra step ahead and consider a Spanish course for them!

AMAUTA Spanish programs for families include more facilities, adaptable and specially designed programs for children or all ages. Our Spanish for Families program is designed so that everyone in the family has a fantastic time on holiday while learning Spanish, in custom designed programs.

AMAUTA Children’s classes are bright, interesting, and colorful. Children will study the Spanish language from a range of fun materials including videos, music and children’s Spanish books. This Spanish course is adapted to the age range of your children: Spanish courses for Kids (6 - 12 years) or Spanish courses for Teens (12 – 16 years). If you have children under 6, they can be cared for during the afternoons with a professional nanny while the rest of the family is studying Spanish.

Spanish for families includes a range of excursions for the weekends, catering for the age and level of your children. In Peru, the whole family can go rafting, horse riding, cycling, hiking, visit Inca ruins or musea such as the Museo del Chocolat, or go to a farm in the Sacred Valley, where children can touch llamas or milk a cow. Creative workshops are also organized where children learn play traditional Peruvian instruments, make jewelry or ceramics, learn about weaving or Peruvian cooking.

In Argentina, excursions of our Spanish for Families include trips to Rosedal Lake, the Zoo, boating to the upstream town of Tigre, or to one of the estancias around the village of San Antonio de Areco. A visit to Mataderos is a great way to learn more about life in rural Argentina and the local gauchos. Creative workshops will include learning traditional instruments, learning to dance the Tango, or Argentine cooking. A visit to a local market and to the Museo del Niño, is a must in the Spanish course for the youngest kids.

Whatever your family enjoys, there is plenty to choose from in both Peru and Argentina. We will make your family holiday a wonderful and life enriching experience. Cusco is the Archeological capital of South America, with Inca walls and set high in the Andean mountains, while Buenos Aires lives and breathes culture, full of festivals, theatre, dance and cinema. Both are great locations to study Spanish and be immersed in local culture; choose your location, and let AMAUTA make it happen for you.

We can also plan your arrangements for the rest of your trip throughout Peru or Argentina through our own in-house agency Dos Manos. Both countries offer impressive natural scenery throughout. You may wish to take your whole family to visit Machu Picchu or Iguazu Falls, or the Peruvian Amazon. Or take the children to see the penguins in Peninsula de Valdes, or go skiing in Patagonia; options are endless.

Spanish for Families Accommodation
If you wish to maximize your holiday experience, we highly recommend staying with a local Latin American family. If possible, we would endeavor to place your family in a local family with children of a similar age, providing play opportunities for your children. This is a wonderful opportunity for everyone to practice their Spanish and get to know another culture.
Spanish for Kids
Why not let your kids get an early start on the Spanish language? Learning while in a country where you can practice the language is the best way to learn, and it’s not difficult for your children. Our Spanish for Kids program is designed especially for children, with plenty of fun activities to break up the learning. Children’s classes are bright, interesting, and colorful. Children will study from a range of fun materials including videos, music and children’s Spanish books.
Spanish for Teens
The teenage years are an exciting, confusing and challenging time for young people. No longer little kids, they aren’t quite adults and need specialized classes which recognize that they bore quickly with structured classes. There are plenty of challenging activities for the teen in these Spanish classes, as well as a number of excursions where they have opportunities to practice Spanish. They will also have the opportunity to meet other young local people of a similar age.
Teen Spanish and Activities Camp
If Mum and Dad are busy working back home, or want to go travelling through Peru or Argentina, or prefer to study at AMAUTA as well and in the meantime want their kids to have a great experience, why not have them participate in our two-week Teen Spanish & Activities Camp?! We offer three locations: in the Sacred Valley in Peru, in the Peruvian rainforest, or in the city of Buenos Aires. This is an experience they will never forget!
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