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Spanish and DELE

Spanish and DELE

If you are serious about learning Spanish, we suggest sitting the DELE exam. The DELE (Diploma of Spanish as a Second Language) is an internationally recognized qualification for the Spanish language, thus, an essential element on your Curriculum Vitae (resume). This certification has high academic value for university entrance assessments that require an objectively evaluated level of Spanish.

The DELE has three levels: Certificado Inicial (intermediate), Certificado Basico (high intermediate) and the Diploma Superior (advanced level). The exam tests five different skills: reading, writing, grammar and vocabulary, listening, and oral expression. The examinations normally take place three times a year: in May, August and November.

At AMAUTA we will help you prepare for this important exam. AMAUTA is not an official DELE center, however, when you take part in our Spanish for DELE preparation course we can assist your registration (or you can register online personally). To take the official DELE examination you must enroll 4 or more weeks in advance. The test can be completed in Lima, Buenos Aires or a number of other locations worldwide.

During our Spanish & DELE courses in Cusco and in Buenos Aires, we ensure that you are well prepared for the exam; we provide assistance in weak areas and consolidate the foundations of your current knowledge. Each morning you will attend Spanish group classes at your level of understanding and comprehension. In the afternoons you will have individual Spanish classes with one of our qualified teachers in Peru or Argentina who have extensive experience in preparing students for the DELE exams. Together you will work on improving oral and written skills, grammar, pronunciation and general understanding, focusing on strengthening you weaker points. This method of our Spanish course will greatly increase your chances of passing the DELE exam. The AMAUTA Spanish & DELE course starts every Monday throughout the year.

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