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Spanish for Expats (Argentina)

El Caminito, Argentina

If you are planning to relocate to Argentina either temporarily or for good, learning Spanish is a must! The real world – full of Porteños ;-) - is right outside your door, and your life will be much more exciting if you speak even just a little bit of Spanish.

If you are buying something in a shop, ordering in a restaurant, running errands, moving to a new home, setting up a business, or numerous other scenarios, speaking Spanish will get you superior, faster service and you will be in a better position to negotiate if things go wrong.

The Spanish for Expat course focuses on practical everyday situations as well as local culture and expressions. Special emphasis is placed on listening and speaking, and importance is given to the cultural and social aspects of the Argentina community.

Get the most out of your experience in Buenos Aires and sign up for our Spanish for Expats course. You will not only improve your Spanish, but you will also get the inside details of local habits, national holidays, local expressions, and national icons. Not to mention you will get a chance to get to know “real” portenos’ points of view.

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