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Spanish for Travelers

Machupicchu, Cusco, Peru. The lost city of the Incas

This Spanish program offers a great opportunity for travelers to learn the essentials of Spanish in a short amount of time. The course focuses on Spanish phrases and expressions that you most commonly use while traveling throughout Latin America. Each day focuses on a particular situation that you might encounter as a traveler and is structured so you quickly learn to communicate.

We cover a lot of vocabulary in this course that you might use while travelling around South America - things such as numbers, days of the week, colors, food and meals. We cover greetings, social talk and concentrate on grammar in the present tense. We will practice every day scenarios such as in a travel agency, bus station, police station, airport and a restaurant.

This course will help you with the basics of Spanish to help you get around and have simple conversations, enabling you to travel independently around South America!

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