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Special Spanish Courses

Total Immersion

The AMAUTA Intensive Total Immersion Spanish course is specially designed for people who want to learn Spanish very quickly, particularly for employment purposes.

You will study Spanish with a private teacher in the morning followed by lunch with your teacher to practice conversation skills. Following lunch, the afternoon will be spent visiting the city while you practice your Spanish.

Spanish for Travelers

This Spanish course offers a great opportunity for travelers to learn the essentials of Spanish in a short amount of time. This Spanish e course focuses on Spanish phrases and expressions that you most commonly use while traveling and speaking Spanish in Peru or Argentina. Each day focuses on a particular situation that you might encounter as a traveler and is structured so you quickly learn to communicate in Spanish.

Medical Spanish

This Spanish course is specifically designed for doctors, nurses, social workers and other health care professionals. Students enrolled in this Spanish course will learn the Spanish language structure and vocabulary with special focus on Spanish medical terminology and medical scenarios, such as assessment and care of patients. Students will gain the information necessary to develop skills for improving communication with Spanish speaking clients. Visits to a hospital and medical shadowing included.

Spanish for University Students
Interested in obtaining university credit for studying Spanish in Peru or Argentina? Several universities have approved AMAUTA’s Spanish Program, which means you may be able to earn credits while you take Spanish courses and enjoy life in Peru or Argentina. The Spanish for University Students program includes four hours of Spanish daily and two hours of extra activities, including visits to local cultural sites or lectures about Latin American History and Literature.
Spanish for 55+

Young people have different methods of learning and different views of how to spend their time. The Spanish course for 55+ was developed with these differences in mind. This Spanish course combines Spanish language classes with extra activities, such as excursions and lectures on Peruvian culture and history.

Spanish and TEFL

Our Spanish and TEFL course allows you to perfect your Spanish language skills and obtain your TEFL certificate in either Peru or Argentina in as few as 6 weeks. Obtaining a TEFL certificate allows you to teach English anywhere in the world! Our TESL course is accredited by Ascentis, a worldwide-recognized national awarding body.

Spanish for Expats

If you are planning to relocate to Argentina either temporarily or for good, learning Spanish is a must! The real world – full of Porteños ;-) - is right outside your door, and your life will be much more exciting if you speak even just a little bit of Spanish. Register for this Spanish course and you will not only learn Spanish and Argentine Spanish but also many fun, cultural details of the Porteno world.

Spanish and DELE

If you are serious about learning Spanish, we suggest sitting the DELE exam. The DELE (Diploma of Spanish as a Second Language) is an internationally recognized qualification for the Spanish language, thus, an essential element on your Curriculum Vitae (resume). This certification has high academic value for university entrance assessments that require an objectively evaluated level of Spanish.

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