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Standard Spanish Courses

Standard Spanish Courses

Group Classes

Clases Grupales

Our Spanish group classes in Peru and Argentina are a great way of learning interactively. Working in a group environment encourages conversation and helps you learn from your peers.

All Spanish group lessons are small to allow for personalized teaching. You will always be placed with others who are at the same level of Spanish so you can learn together at the appropriate pace. Standard Spanish courses run for four hours a day, either in the morning or afternoon, and consist of two 2-hour classes taught by qualified teachers. There is a 20 minute break in between.

In your Spanish lessons, teachers dedicate most of the time to interactive activities and exercises through which students learn to understand and speak Spanish in a constructive manner. Students will also spend time on grammar exercises, writing and reading. Visits to typical locations around the city such as the market, schools or a hospital, are also often arranged to aid student learning.

Individual Classes

Individual Classes

Individual Spanish classes offer customized instruction of the Spanish language to your personal learning needs. Private, uninterrupted, direct contact with our native speaking teachers is very advantageous in speeding up your Spanish learning.

The individual Spanish classes are specially tailored for you and offer a great opportunity to get the most out of your Spanish course in a short period of time. We strongly recommend our one-to-one individual Spanish lessons for people with specific learning needs and interests.

Our teachers in both Peru and Argentina guide you through the learning process. They first by draw up a list of your learning goals and determine your level of Spanish. They then develop your personal training program and consider any extracurricular activities that you may wish to do.

Best of Both

Best of Both

The Best of Both program divides your day between four hours of Spanish group classes and two hours of individual Spanish lessons. The group classes are either in the morning or the afternoon and are taught by two different, qualified teachers; one of them will be you private instructor of the additional individual hours. By combining group classes and individual tutoring, the Best of Both program will help you achieve a higher level of proficiency of the Spanish language at a faster rate.

Take advantage of the fun and dynamic group classes where you’ll learn with other students for four hours a day. Spend another two hours per day in individual Spanish lessons with the personal attention of a private teacher, during which you will focus on the grammar structures you learned in class. Special attention will be given to your pronunciation and vocabulary. This program runs in both Peru and Argentina.


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