Take your Conversational Spanish to a higher level in only 10 group sessions
Conversation Online

Spanish Conversation Course Online

  • Do you know Spanish grammar but you have little experience conversing in Spanish?
  • Are you a bit bored with the traditional lesson methods, videos or software?
  • Then try this new opportunity: Spanish conversation course at home!
  • Speed up your Spanish conversation with online lessons in small groups
  • Varied lesson plan with topic-specific lessons and real-life situations.
  • Receive a short overview of the grammar per lesson before every class.
  • Learn about Latin culture with expert native Spanish speakers.
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Spanish Conversation Online David Braun

David Braun - "Total immersion..."

Nationality: German Age: 52

First I studied four weeks in Peru and then online for four weeks after my return home. And I would do it again without a doubt. Both experiences with very enjoyable and I learned a lot of Spanish. The teachers were fantastic; they were constantly coaching me to speak about new subjects and patiently helping me to find the words, correct my grammar and express myself. I learnt a lot Latin American culture too.

Spanish Conversation Online Michelle

Michelle S. - "Language and Culture"

Nationality: American Age: 26

I had a great experience participating in the AMAUTA Conversation course! The talented and caring Spanish teachers clearly know what they are doing, and they do it superbly. I had studied quite a lot of Spanish before, I tested level B1 but I felt I could hardly speak any Spanish! After three weeks of classes I feel much more confident now, which is great! That's exactly what I needed. The topics are very interesting and are flexible according to the interests of the students! Great choice!

Spanish Conversation Online Ryan

Ryan Crawford - "It has it all!"

Nationality: Irish Age: 33

AMAUTA did a great job of placing me at the right level of Spanish. I studied Spanish for six weeks. The professors are entertaining, articulate and patient. I learned so much from them. The price is very reasonable. I enjoyed my classes in Peru so much that I continued with online conversation lessons after I had to leave Peru due to the Corona Pandemic. I hope to go back to Peru next year!

Spanish Conversation Online Anna

Anna Santangelo - "Highly recommended to learn a new language..."

Nationality: Australian Age: 20

I would highly recommend AMAUTA for online Spanish lessons. My Spanish progressed exponentially in a short space of time. The group was always small (2-6 people) and the teachers picked up quickly on our strengths and weaknesses and customized classes accordingly. They work hard to make sure that everyone's Spanish is progressing. My conversational Spanish improved a lot. I was a bit skeptical about conversation lessons via Zoom. But it really worked!

Conversation Intensive

Become fluent with our intensive conversation course!

Course specifics:
  • Small groups (2-6 students)
  • 10 sessions
  • 3 times per week over 3 weeks + final meeting
  • Recommended for intermediate levels (A2, B1, B2)
  • Start date: every first and third Monday of the month
  • Fun and affordable. Don't hesitate and register now!
Conversation Course Content

Course content:

Real-life, relevant and in-depth guided conversations about intriguing topics such as
  • Travel Destinations in Latin America and/or Spain
  • Latin American and Spanish Food
  • Spanish phrases for professions or studies
  • The Corona Pandemic in Latin America and Spain
  • Latin American music, famous Spanish speaking people etc.

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Conversation Live tutor online

Why Study Spanish with a live tutor online?

  • This course gives you the confidence to truly speak Spanish
  • Great preparation for your travels to Latin America or Spain!
  • We use Skype, Zoom or Google Meet (easy platforms and free)
  • You only need a device (computer, tablet or mobile), WIFI and a headset
  • Pay by Paypal, Western Union or bank wire.

Book Spanish classes Now

  • 10% discount if you book before September 15
  • Free trial and placement test!
  • More hours? More discount!
  • Become fluent with our superintensive course!
  • Pay by Paypal, credit card, Western Union or bank.

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