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  • Are you bored with online video lessons without direct interaction?
  • Then try this new opportunity: small groups with real live lesson!
  • Great preparation for a trip, for work, studies, or just for fun!
  • Speak Spanish with expert native Spanish speakers in real-time.
  • Imagine speaking a whole new language before next summer. You can do it!
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Amauta Spanish School, Spanish online group course

Anna Santangelo - "Highly recommended to learn a new language..."
Nationality: Australian Age: 20

I would highly recommend AMAUTA for online Spanish lessons. My Spanish progressed exponentially in a very short space of time. The group was always small and the teachers picked up quickly on our strengths and weaknesses and customized classes accordingly. They work hard to make sure that everyone's Spanish is progressing. After four weeks I felt a big progress and I was surprised of the results of learning via Zoom. It really works!

Conversation Anna
Ryan Crawford - "Live lessons online were great!"
Nationality: Irish Age: 33

AMAUTA did a great job of placing me at the right level of Spanish. I studied Spanish for six weeks. The professors are entertaining, articulate and patient. I learned so much from them. The price is very reasonable. I enjoyed my classes in Peru so much that I continued with online lessons after I had to leave Peru due to the Corona Pandemic. I hope to go back to Peru next year!

Ryan Spanish Lessons Online
David Braun - "Total immersion..."
Nationality: German Age: 32

First I studied four weeks in Peru and then online for four weeks after my return home. And I would do it again without a doubt. Both experiences with very enjoyable and I learned a lot of Spanish. The teachers were fantastic; they were constantly coaching me to speak about new subjects and patiently helping me to find the words, correct my grammar and express myself. I learnt a lot Latin American culture too.

Conversation David
Uyen Khanh Quang Dang - "Language and Culture"
Nationality: American Age: 26

I had a great experience at the AMAUTA School! From the careful way the staff prepared me for the trip to Peru the weeks beforehand via continuous email communication, the talented and caring Spanish teachers, to the extra social activities such as salsa dancing and movies. The AMAUTA School clearly knows what they are doing, and they do it superbly. What made the experience special was that you felt like you were part of a family from the very beginning.

Conversation Uyen
Learn Spanish with a group course online!
Course specifics:
  • Small groups of 3-8 students
  • Choose between the 10 or 20 hour course
  • Flexible schedules (3 or 5 times p/w; 3 or 6 wks)
  • Recommended level: A1 and A2
  • Starts Oct 25, Nov 8/22 Dec 2021 & 6/13, Jan 3/17 2022
  • Fun and affordable.
  • Classes start at 12 am and 5 pm Peruvian time (GMT-5)
Conversation Intensive

Course content:

  • Useful daily-use Spanish vocabulary
  • The basics of grammar, needed to express yourself
  • Real-life situations (social talk, hotels, restaurants, news)
  • Learn about Spanish and Latin American culture
  • Special attention to listening and speaking
Testimonial Mimi

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Conversation Live Tutor Online

Why Study Spanish with a live tutor online?

  • No video course will ever replace direct interaction
  • Our groups are small, our teachers experienced
  • You will actually speak Spanish from day 1 of this course
  • We use Skype, Zoom or Google Meet (easy platforms and free)
  • You only need a device (computer, tablet or mobile), WIFI and a headset
  • Pay by Paypal, Western Union or bank wire.

Book Spanish Classes Now!

Weekly starting dates in Nov and Dec 2021
* Unbeatable price:
  • US$ 47 for 10 classes
  • US$ 77 for 20 classes

* Bonus: voucher
  • 20% off your next study trip to Peru or 1 private session for free!

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