Online Spanish course

Online Spanish Course

AMAUTA Spanish School offers an Online Spanish Course. With individual, semi-individual or group online Spanish Lessons, you learn Spanish Online at your own pace at any convenient time for you. For many, this is a pleasant and flexible way of learning Spanish. Especially when in private lessons, we develop a learning plan according to your wishes and learning needs that includes Spanish grammar, Spanish exercises, and Spanish vocabulary and guided conversion about different topics.

Online Spanish lessons

Online Spanish lessons

Our Online Spanish lessons are for adults and kids, beginners or advanced, from any part of the world: anyone interested in learning the Spanish language can register for our online Spanish course! Online Spanish lessons are tailored to everyone’s unique learning needs and can be booked online at any moment. Book a free trial or start with a minimum of one hour; there are considerable discounts for 20+, 30+, 50+ hour packs.

Study Online before or after Peru

Study Online before or after Peru

Have you finalized a Spanish Course in Peru at AMAUTA, and do you want to keep on learning through online lessons? Then, as an ex-AMAUTA student, you have entitled to a discount for your online classes!

Have you registered for a Spanish course with us, and do you want to get a jumpstart with online Spanish lessons before arrival to Cusco? We highly recommend this. Meet your teacher online and start learning Spanish online with our interactive and colourful lesson material full of cultural information.

Online Spanish classes are fun and as well-organized, and good as face-to-face lessons. On top of that, count on more flexibility, as you are entirely free to choose when and how often you want to enter our virtual classroom. Our one to one online Spanish classes make it easy to improve your Spanish skills quickly, and you learn at your own pace, at any time you wish.

Online Spanish Course for Kids & Teens

Online Spanish Course for Kids & Teens

Our Spanish teachers have much experience teaching Spanish to kids because each year, we receive an increasing number of families with (young) kids and teenagers at our Spanish School in Peru. Did you know that online Spanish classes are great for your kids too? The parents of children who have participated in our Online Spanish course have spoken so highly of the results that we recommend our online Spanish lessons designed for kids of different age groups.

Due to the use of many games, pictures, songs and an interactive blackboard, the Spanish classes are entertaining and educative. It is an excellent opportunity for children to become fluent in a second language with their private native teachers in real-live lessons online.

Course Facts
  • Number of hours: flexible
  • Min duration: 3 hours
  • Schedule: flexible
  • Included: lesson material (online)
  • Price: review our price list
  • Ready to Book? Enroll here
  • Class length: 55 minutes per hour
  • Level: all levels
  • Starting: daily
  • Students: flexible
  • Questions? Contact us
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Metodos y recursos para aprender español en linea.

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