Spanish course for 55+

Spanish Course for 55+

Spanish Course for 55+

Young people have different methods of learning, various views on how to spend their time and other interests than adults. That is why this Spanish Course for 55+ is especially tailored to the needs and interests of people over 55 years.

Your Spanish group classes will be combined with local activities in and out of the classroom. Study Spanish in Peru and your class activities may include a visit to a school, a local market, a special shop, a museum or artisans’ fair. Spanish for 55+ also includes information on the culture, history, and music of Peru – a great destination for you a Spanish course; also, or maybe especially when are have more live and travel experience.

Course Facts
  • Number of hours: 20 per week
  • Min duration: 1 week
  • Schedule: 4 hours per day (2+2)
  • Starting: fixed starting dates
  • Questions? Contact us
  • Class length: 55 minutes per hour
  • Level: all levels
  • Students: max. 6 per group, minimum 3
  • Price: review our price list
  • Ready to Book? Enroll here
Activity cena
Spanish and culture
Spanish 55 tour

Is it challenging to learn Spanish after 50?

Recent research has shown that really nothing is holding you back after 50. Although it’s easier for children to learn a language, there is no critical period for second-language learning once you’re an adult. Fifty years or older is a great time to learn Spanish. People over 50 years old have many advantages that help them to learn Spanish faster.

Advantages for older learners

The first significant advantage of not being 18 anymore is your ability to concentrate. Having a more extensive attention span is a considerable advantage, together with great self-discipline. Another advantage for older learners is your life experience and independence. You know best why you want to learn Spanish, and you know that works best for you. Apart from what the teachers teach you, you probably have an independent learning plan that fits your needs. This makes your Spanish learning much more effective. So if you are over 55 years of age, don’t think you will have difficulty learning Spanish. On the contrary, you might be the first one to speak Spanish.

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