Spanish course for travelers: Survival Spanish

Survival Spanish

Spanish for Travellers

Survival Spanish

Spanish for Travellers offers the great opportunity to learn the essentials of Spanish in a short amount of time. The course focuses on Spanish phrases and vocabulary that you most commonly use while traveling in Peru.

Spanish for Travelers

Spanish for Travelers or Survival Spanish includes the basics of the Spanish language. There is not a lot of Spanish grammar, but we go over basic verb conjugations and structures so you can make (easy) sentences by the end of the week.

Each day focuses on a particular situation that you might encounter as a traveler and is structured so you quickly learn to communicate in Spanish.

We cover a lot of Spanish vocabulary in the “Spanish for Travelers” course such as numbers, days of the week, colors, food and meals. We cover greetings, how to order in a restaurant, how to ask for directions, how to pay / bargain/ ask for bills, how to make basic questions, and social talk in Spanish in general. We will practice every day scenarios such as in a travel agency, at the bus station, the police station, a shop, the airport and a restaurant.

Spanish for Travellers is a survival Spanish course that will help you with the basics of Spanish so you can get around and have simple conversations with in Spanish, enabling you to travel independently and contact with the friendy people around South America!

Quick Facts
  • Number of hours: 10-20 per week
  • Min duration: 1 week
  • Schedule: 10-20 hrs per week, morning or afternoon
  • Included: Activities, lesson material
  • Price: review our price list
  • Ready to Book? Enroll here
  • Class length: 55 minutes per hour
  • Level: beginners
  • Starting: every Monday
  • Students: 2-6 or individual
  • Questions? Contact us.
Learn Spanish visiting Machu Picchu Peru
Spanish for travelers course Peru
Survival Spanish for travelers Peru

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