Spanish verbs

how to learn Spanish verbs

If you are starting to learn Spanish, it is essential to learn how to use and conjugate the Spanish verbs. But, are you learning Spanish, and you don’t know where to start? You can simpley begin here, with our overview of Spanish verbs, review our handy summary of Spanish vocabulary and practice with Spanish exercises.

Don’t worry if you feel somehow overwhelmed at the beginning by all the unfamiliar sounds and tenses. This is entirely normal: Spanish verbs can seem daunting and are one of the more complex areas of Spanish grammar. Moreover, the Spanish verb conjugation is not easy. The best way to start learning Spanish vocabulary and verbs is to get yourself motivated and make a plan. Before you realize you’ll be reading, talking, writing and even singing Spanish songs.

Start with the regular verbs in Spanish (present tense first), add some irregular ones and only practice with the most common Spanish verbs to avoid losing your motivation. To master Spanish verbs takes time, but fortunately, you don’t need them all at once.

Did you know the 20 most common Spanish verbs are:
ser, estar, tener, hacer, ir, poder, saber, poner, haber, querer, decir, hablar, dar, ver, comer, tomar, vivir, necesitar, quedar, venir.

Study hard, and you’ll speaking in Spanish in no time!

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