Spanish vocabulary

Spanish Words

Are you travelling in South America? Going to the bank in Peru? Or do you plan on going shopping in Buenos Aires? Are you living with a local host family in Cusco? Or preparing for volunteering in Cusco or Spanish lessons in Peru? Whatever the situation…. you clearly need Spanish vocabulary! You find frequently used Spanish words and Spanish phrases on this page to help you get through numerous circumstances.

Spanish Words - Frequently Used Spanish Vocabulary

The Numbers

The Months of the Year (Los Meses del Año)

Week Days (Los Dias de la Semana)

Seasons (Las Estaciones del Año)

The Family (La Familia)

University (La Universidad)

Professions (Las Profesiones)

Places (Los lugares)

Clothes (La ropa)

The Bank (El Banco))

Airport (El Aeropuerto)

Party (Las Fiestas)

The Camping (El Campamento)

The Hotel (El Hotel)

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