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Learn Latin Culture in Spanish

Latin American Cinema

Latin American Cinema
From directors and filmmakers such as Glauber Rocha (Brasil) to Octavio Getino (Argentina), Latin American cinema has captured the hearts and minds of the world over. The most famous of the Latin American cinema in most likely the Mexican movie, but Argentina, Brazil, and Cuba are also main production centers.

Latin American Literature

Latin American Literature
Oral and written literature plays an integral part of Latin American culture. During the 1960s, the writing style “magical realism” catapulted Latin American literature to international success, and is oftentimes associated with the author Gabriel García Márquez (Colombia).

Latin American Music

Latin American Music
Latin American music spans numerous countries and styles. The lively rhythms of northern Mexico, the symphonies of Heitor Villa-Lobos, and the smooth sounds of the Andean flute ensures that the rich variety of Latin music leaves something for all to enjoy.

Latin American Biography

Latin American Biography
In the following section, you will find several biographies recounting the lives of different famous Peruvians. There are many more than you may have initially thought: Vargas Llosa, Cesar Vallejo, and Jaime Baily are just a few of the famous writers to have come out of Peru. Eva Ayllon is known throughout the world for her singing voice, and Alberto Fujimori and Javier Perez de Cuellar have brought much attention to Peru through their role in politics.

Latin American Recipes

Latin American Recipes
There is enormous history to Peruvian cuisine, and it is gaining immense popularity throughout the world. The influence of numerous cultures – Inca, Spanish, Africans, Chinese-Cantonese, Japanese, and Italian, to name a few – has created a wonderful infusion of flavors and a variety of Peruvian dishes.
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