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Biography Latin America

In the following section, you will find several biographies recounting the lives of different famous Latin Americans. There are many more than you may have initially thought. Vargas Llosa, Cesar Vallejo, and Jaime Baily are just a few of the famous writers to have come out of Peru. Eva Ayllon is known throughout the world for her singing voice and Alberto Fujimori and Javier Perez de Cuellar have brought much attention to Peru through their role in politics.

Top Latin America Biography
The Most Popular Biography
Biographies by Country in Latin America
Biography of Hispano-American ArtistViews
1.Thalia ~ Mexico82981
2.Chabuca Granda ~ Peru73341
3.Christian Meier ~ Peru71078
4.Eva Ayllon ~ Peru67821
5.Juanes ~ Colombia66636

Biography of Hispano-American WritersViews
1.Julio Ramón Ribeyro ~ Peru30304
2.Antonio Machado ~ España25788
3.Ciro Alegría ~ Peru24334
4.Alfredo Bryce Echenique ~ Peru21711
5.Augusto Monterroso ~ Guatemala21543

Biography of Hispano-American Actors and ActressesViews
1.Christian Meier ~ Peru71078
2.Mario Moreno (Cantinflas) ~ Mexico52831
3.Ana Claudia Talancón ~ Mexico24117
4.Jorge Salinas ~ Mexico19686
5.Diego Torres ~ Argentina15871

Biography of Hispano-American PoliticsViews
1.Javier Perez de Cuellar ~ Peru7713
2.Evita Perón ~ Argentina5193
3.Alberto Keinya Fujimori ~ Peru5072
4.Ernesto Guevara "EL Che" ~ Argentina4449

Biography of Hispano-American OthersViews
1.Mercedes Sosa ~ Argentina14502
2.Ernesto Sabato ~ Argentina8634
3.Carlos Gardel ~ Argentina4494
4.Diego Maradona ~ Argentina3464
5.Quino ~ Argentina3249

The Most Popular CelebritiesViews
1.Thalia ~ | Mexico82981
2.Chabuca Granda ~ | Peru73341
3.Christian Meier ~ | Peru71078
4.Eva Ayllon ~ | Peru67821
5.Juanes ~ | Colombia66636
6.Mario Moreno (Cantinflas) ~ | Mexico52831
7.Maná ~ | Mexico52519
8.Alex Ubago ~ | España52136
9.Sin Bandera ~ | Mexico52079
10.Alejandro Fernández ~ | Mexico51750
11.Alejandro Sanz ~ | España49829
12.Reik ~ | Mexico41692
13.Ricardo Arjona ~ | Guatemala35503
14.Julio Ramón Ribeyro ~ | Peru30304
15.Aleks Syntek ~ | Mexico29772
16.Marco Antonio Solis ~ | Mexico29128
17.Alberto Plaza ~ | Chile28878
18.Chayanne ~ | Puerto Rico28662
19.Antonio Machado ~ | España25788
20.Gianmarco ~ | Peru24936
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